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Pride and Prejudice is the story of how Elizabeth and Darcy overcome obstacles including their own personal failings, to find romantic happiness.

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Pride and Prejudice review. Georgina Rex Pride and Prejudice is the story of how Elizabeth and Darcy overcome obstacles including their own personal failings, to find romantic happiness. Elizabeth must endure a impossible mother, a distant father, two badly behaved younger siblings, and several snobbish, antagonizing females, she must also overcome her own mistaken impressions of Darcy, which initially lead her to reject his proposals of marriage. Her charms are sufficient to keep him interested, fortunately, while she navigates familial and social turmoil. As she gradually comes to recognize the nobility of Darcy's character, she realizes the error of her initial prejudice against him. ...read more.


Darcy after meeting Elizabeth is dazzled by her charm and beauty chooses to pursues her. Elizabeth and Darcy are both clouded by pride and prejudice. Eventually these traits are overpowered by the love between the two characters. Pride and Prejudice is set in the traditional aristocratic countryside of England, the village Longbourn in the post-Elizabethan era. The role of hierarchy, which is a result of the social status in Longbourn off sets the themes of pride and prejudice. Austen wrote Pride and Prejudice in dialoge, through which her characters eventuate through as the narrative voice is secondary to the voices of the characters. ...read more.


Darcy's and Elizabeth's awareness of a mutual implies that Austen resolves love as a theme independent of social themes. Love can only be captured if an individual is able to escape the effects of the Pemberly and wider community's hierarchy within society. Themes are incorporated within the novel Pride and Prejudice, the most evident being love. The love between Elizabeth and Darcy only eventuated after many obstacles had been overcome, where two other main themes are incorporated. Elizabeth's pride makes her misjudge Darcy on the basis of a poor first impression, whereas Darcy's prejudice against Elizabeths poor social standing blinds him for a period of time. Darcy's and Elizabeth's realisation of a mutual love implys that Austen views love as something independent from social hierarchies. ...read more.

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