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Problems of the Heart.

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Francesca Bunce-Payne 10A Problems of the Heart "It was the end of the Lent term, nearing the Easter holiday. Cesca looked out of the window and with one leap, jumped. It was only on the first floor so the drop wasn't too big. She fell gracefully onto the ground below on to feet with a soft thud, stood up and walked towards the swimming pool. Every one that had been sitting in the form room rushed to the window to peer out and see if Cesca was okay. Amazed they watched her stand up and walk away as if she had done no different than walking through a door. ' What you do that for?!' cried Isabel out the window rather bemused, she got no reply it seemed Lola was in a world of her own. The six girls returned to their normal places in the room. Isabel resumed her picturesque pose of which she stood with her arm held high above her head, in the corner of the room, balancing on one foot with her tongue just coming out of the left side of her mouth as she stretched clasping her mobile desperately trying to get one bar of signal in order to send a text message to her boyfriend Jamie. Fleur went back to the table and perched on it with a look of concentration on her face that was very unusual she was very focused as she moved ...read more.


I took the register and saw the girls excluding Cesca whispering to each other; even though i haven't been at this school very long it is long enough to know that all the girls do is gossip or bitch. Anything with an emotional content everyone will stay well away from, like an elephant from a mouse.'" " ' She doesn't love me, Cesca' Fernanda said quietly. If it was anyone else the tears would have been tumbling down their cheeks. That, however didn't apply to her, the situation was far gone at that point, it was beyond tears for her she sat on my messy bed, with a look of speechlessness and, unbelievably, acceptance on her face. I sat there not wanting to look into her brown eyes, aware that they were a bottomless pit of hurt and despair. Still keeping my eyes fixed on the childish Mickey Mouse duvet cover, I tried numerous times to say something, anything, unfortunately my words failed me and all I was left to do was open and close my mouth in hope that something of use would come out all that this did was make me look like I was imitating a guppy fish. I knew that all she needed at this time was hope; otherwise she would've lost her bearing on reality, which she was very capable of doing. ...read more.


'She had more than just...friendly feelings for me. You knew me I loved her more than anything I would have done anything for her, I was blinded and didn't see it. I felt betrayed, that was why we had so many arguments. When she first told me I was willing to overlook it like any decent person. I mean it wouldn't of made any difference but she made how she felt plainly obvious, i couldn't escape it, she just started seeing me as a piece of ass, she forgot who I was, inside as a person.' It was completely silent she wasn't saying anything, ' Cesca are you there?!' I repeated it again. ' Yes, yes alright I'm here!' Her tone dropped from angry to someone who had had their heart ripped out with the help of a rusty spoon. ' I knew already...i just wouldn't admit it.' She hung up. Cesca Look, I haven't seen you in a year. I can't go on any longer. You are the only thing that is keeping me going here, I feel so alone. I want to come and see you in England. I know you say that it will be really hard and the arguments will be worse. And Eims will be there but I don't care I want to see you. I know it won't be easy but with the bad comes the good. That is all that matters to me. I want to see you...That's why I have decided to come back for this summer term... Fernanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ...read more.

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