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Production Diary

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Date- 5th February 2011 So far I have attended two meetings, and as a group we have researched about job roles in the media production, research rock videos, prepared presentation and presented idea to the client and planed our video/equipment/timing & schedule and last put not least we have allocated jobs and rolls to our cast and crew. We were told initially that we were going to be a ROCK MUSIC VIDEO and that the target audience was 15 to 16 year olds... . The first meeting was mainly a discussion in the group on the genre rock and how we might use it in our video as well as choosing our song and name and logo for our production company... as the first meeting progrest I was down hatred by our team's first initial idea of doing a song called "Mick-check" by Hadoken! As the song was Grime (the genre) ... I will admit I found it difficult to work with my group as I prefer to work independently as I know exactly what Im doing and I don't have ...read more.


what we actually wanted to create as for the video...however we still felt as if we were missing the key points of the genre so we then consented to the internet for guidance... After researching more into the genre of rock, it helped us all to see the convention of rock and this helped us give more idea on the second meeting. The second meeting was about talking our content/ concept in a debt over our storyline and our song choice. At the end we did a compromise we changed the song to a song choice to "the streets are ours" and we kept the majority of our story line but instead of having the main point of the video being commercial we are now transmitting a message saying that "one day the future will belong to the children/youth they still have a long way to go/ go through school. And on the topic of persevering this led us through to our responsibilities in the team, as we need to research about the job roles within the rock video so we all had three job roles to research about. ...read more.


although slightly boring- essential if we want the grades. So during our second meeting we discussed the locations, filming and the timing schedule for drafts and finial approval of video... later we discussed the legal and ethical- as we found out in our video there are some areas were we are not allowed to touch ebon for example: nudity, drugs, horric violence, est as this video needs to be able be shown to all members of the community as well as anytime of day on tv. I think that the work I and my team have done so far has been good I truly belive we could do so much better if we worked together and put any anoynces at the side for now... And from this I have learned I need to balance out the work load so im not the one who doing all the work as well as I think I need to listen to my team mates a little better as to consider there point of view instead of trying to do everything my way... . . Max Holbrough ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 3-AO2 Production dairy - by Max holbrough ...read more.

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