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Quickdraw by Carol Ann Duffy and Sonnet 116 by William Shakespeare are both very different poems but are linked by one common theme, that of a relationship between two people

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Lucy Gregory 25/3/2011 Compare how the feelings towards another person are presented in ?Quickdraw? and one other poem from the ?Relationships? cluster Quickdraw Sonnet 116 Tone: passionate, ironic, adoring Tone: wisdom Irregular form Sonnet (traditional) form Negative view of love Positive outlook on love, saying that throughout whatever troubles love will survive. Lack of rhyme scheme Very obvious rhyme scheme Unusual structure Normal, rigid structure Extended metaphor of the West Use of repetition Use of alliteration Personification, ?Love?s not Time?s fool? Persona doesn?t have an honest relationship Use of alliteration ?Quickdraw? by Carol Ann Duffy and ?Sonnet 116? by William Shakespeare are both very different poems but are linked by one common theme, that of a relationship between two people, although saying this the two poems are distinctly individual and are not linked in any other obvious ways. The two differ from each other as they are written with opposite concepts, ?Quickdraw? based around a failing relationship with the persona ...read more.


Duffy may have done this to show how the persona is struggling or to create a sense of how unsure and unreliable the situation the narrator is in stands. The tones of the poems seem to contrast but when looked at further the reader is able to realise that it is not only ?Sonnet 116? that has a provocative manner. Although repeated references to the West make the poem appear light in tone, ?Quickdraw? shows the speaker?s vulnerability as she clearly suffers at the hands of her lover and appears to come off the worse after the showdown. Duffy may have used this deceiving technique to show how a relationship has many depths and when in an argument you cannot always realise the gravity of the situation at hand. In a way this means that in dissimilarity to Shakespeare?s sonnet, which shows the poets wisdom, ?Quickdraw? takes more unsure approach to the way a relationship is looked at. ...read more.


This may also be due to the diction that is used in each poem, due to the time period in which it was written in ?Sonnet 116? is harder for modernised readers to completely understand meaning ?Quickdraw? takes the upper hand. One of the main features of ?Sonnet 116? is the repetition; Shakespeare probably used this repetition to create rhythm. As previously mentioned the poem has a tuneful pattern to it and this could be a contributing factor. During ?Quickdraw? Duffy uses alliteration to create a sense of rhythm and also to reach the climax of a line. Duffy also uses repetition, but unlike Shakespeare, it is only truly used at the end of the poem. I believe this adds closure and also shows that the argument the narrator is having with her partner is not actually over. In conclusion I think these two poems are particularly different but due to the common theme can easily be compared against one another to show the poets? different views on relationships. ...read more.

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