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Researching the times during which "The Great Gatsby" is set.

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Denisse Chávez Pietro Paredes 6 Guam & Puerto Rico Internet Treasure Hunt 1) List several items that greatly influenced the life and writing of f. scott fitzgerald. Other authors of literary fiction have been influenced by The Great Gatsby, for example Ernesto Quinonez, whose novel Bodega Dreams is an adaptation set in Spanish Harlem. Chris Bohjalian's Double Blind contains characters from The Great Gatsby as though they had actually lived, engaging Tom and Daisy Buchanan, Jay Gatsby, even the Wilsons in events in modern life. 2) List the dominant postwar American attitudes and the major movements of the 1920's. Movements of the 1920s: Prosperity and Consumerism Fundamentalism vs. Modernism Prohibition--authorized by passage of the 18th Amendment in 1919 Postwar American Attitude: Disillusionment following World War I, particularly among veterans, artists, and intellectuals (the Lost Generation) Fear of Bolshevism Fear of foreigners Rise of the nativist Ku Klux Klan 3) What right did women gain from the passage of the 19th amendment? In 1918, the House passed the 19th amendment, which gave women full voting rights. ...read more.


8) Organize Crime: Who is Arnold Rothstein? What is his primary occupation? What are his side-jobs? How did your impression of the man change from one website to the next? Was a New York businessman and gambler who became a famous kingpin of the Jewish mafia in New York. Rothstein was widely reputed to have been behind baseball's Black Sox Scandal, in which the 1919 World Series was fixed. His primary occupation was a salesman. His "sidejobs" was gambling. In some pages, they talk more about his dedication as salesman rather than being part of the ?Mafia? 9) Flappers: What are the essential elements of being a true flapper? Did Louise Brooks fit this profile? During the early nineteen hundreds, the flappers represented a change in the American woman in society. They started showing skin with shorter skirts. They started wearing shorter hair and makeup. They skinny boyish figure was stylish at this time as well as unisex fashion. They drank, smoked cursed, danced, participating in petting parties, etc. ...read more.


In fact in our country we used it in our generation to communicate to one people to another. 13) Poetry: Do you think Ms. Parker approves or disapproves of Flappers? Explain. Among those who criticized the flapper craze was writer-critic Dorothy Parker, who penned ?Flappers: A Hate Song? to poke fun at the fad. The secretary of labor denounced the ?flippancy of the cigarette smoking, cocktail-drinking flapper. 14) Drawing Conclusions: Based on the information you have collected from this website, what do you think the plot and setting of The Great Gasby will include? What kind of characters do you expect to encounter in this novel? Would be located in a place when the music of the time will be, the mafia will exist, the language that it has been used in that time would be rememorized by the characters of the story. In characters I expect to find represent stereotype characters from that time; this means as well as the mafia also flappers during the whole story explaining how they pass in the nights. It would also have the apparition of cars and more people of our age living independently. ...read more.

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