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Revenge against the odds

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Revenge against the odds Introduction I think that revenge is evil I think this because its to do with inflicting some sort of pain on a person. This is either physical pain or mental pain. Revenge can be evil but then can be good in some ways as in for the person who is having revenge. Revenge is having payback on a person for what that person did to them but only harsher. In the three different stories the writers have focused on weak helpless, old and frail people they maybe small young and could be very vulnerable. These people have been wronged but find clever ways of taking revenge on the people who have hurt them or have wronged them in different ways. Story 1: - a vendetta The cultural circumstances of the widow are strict and evil, the importance of the vendetta is very relevant in this story because the4 vendetta is supposed to be carried on for many generations so that just shows how important it really is. ...read more.


I quite like this story myself because its all about anger hatred and revenge and the way the writer uses some of the language just keeps the tension and makes you want to read on. Story 2: - miss smith In miss smith the boy (James Machen) faced a couple of challenges these were trying to get on the right side of Miss Smith (be friends in a way) and to try and get revenge on Miss Smith he finds out that Miss Smith has been doing the wrong to him. He tries to get on Miss Smith's good side by lending her his pen but she chucks it back in his face (his offer) and he sends her flowers each day but again when she finds out she humiliates him by getting him into trouble, telling the people he stole flowers from that it was him. She also humiliates him in front of the whole class when he offers her his pen (James). James changes in the story near the end because he wants revenge. ...read more.


He asks the lawn mower how he could do this and the lawn mower gives James an idea, which was to hurt his teacher's baby in the sense it would hurt Miss Smith. The cliffhanger is made when James meets Miss Smith with her baby and it ends there. Story 3: - sredni vashtar In the story 'sredni vashtar' Conradin faces numerous challenges with his aunt Mrs de Ropp these challenges were to try and get away from his aunt. Conradin deals with this situation by avoiding her spending time in his room and in the shed. Saki uses language to create character and to build tension he does this by using describing words and telling us things about both his aunt and Conradin himself. The author builds tension by using descriptive writing. The author structures the story in a way that provides a twist at the end he does this by surprising the boy by killing his aunt in the story well we presume she dies. The story that is most effective for me is miss smith because it has lots of tension and there is a lot of hatred feeling in the story itself. ...read more.

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