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Revenge.It was then I realised that some things in life are meant to be. Only God has the ability to hand out punishment. I was foolish and childish to attempt revenge.

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Revenge. Kaif Abdur-Rashid I walked slowly towards my car after my last test of Win Chun. Not bad I thought, smirking to myself. It had only been six years since I began training, and there I was, walking away with my Golden Dragon. I never thought I'd make it this far. All the sprained arms and twisted ankles I had inflicted upon myself were worth wile. I pulled out my keys and tapped the remote, hearing the reassuring beeps of the alarm deactivating. I opened the boot of my Citroen Xsara and gently placed my trophy in it. I gazed at the beautiful carved dragon, which would soon be sitting in my cabinet with the rest of its brothers. I shut the boot carefully and strolled over to the door, the tinted windows shining with pride, camouflaging into the black body. I had only purchased this beauty two weeks ago. It had taken me 3 years to save up for it, bit by bit, but it was a dream come true. Citroen Xsara Coupe, 2.0i, 16v GTi. 5 spoke alloys, lowered suspension, full body kit with all extras. ...read more.


We were of the same weight range which is why we had to compete with each other at the tournament. "Well, Daniel-San. I want a re-match." "What, one humiliation wasn't enough for you?" I asked, smiling with pity. * * * Half an hour later, the "re-match" was over and Cheung was lying bruised on the gravel. I knew the following day would show the battering I received myself and my face was already beginning to swell. I limped over to my car and with difficulty, drove home. The roads were deserted as the hour was late, and I was in my small semi-detached house in Luton within twenty minutes. The house was quiet and I stealthily ran myself a hot bath and nursed my many bruises. Cheung was an excellent martial artist and had put up a good fight. However, I had been preparing for this tournament for a year and had trained unrelentingly every day, hours at a time. Natalie, my wife, was growing increasingly impatient with my dedication and we had many arguments about the amount of time I spent training. ...read more.


I ran nimbly to the large hall where many students had gathered on the straw mats. I spotted Cheung where I knew he would be, in the centre of the mass of eager faces. He saw me, but too late, for by the time he recognised me, my heel had made a sharp connection with his right temple. He was thrown off guard for only a second and he leapt back on his feet. The fight began. Adrenaline mixed with unrestrained rage pumped through my veins and I fought far harder than I had done in any tournament. I knew that the ultimate humiliation for Cheung would be losing to me for a third time, and this time in front of people whose opinions mattered to him. At one point, I miscalculated a kick and I ended up directing my energy at air. This was all Cheung needed and he ran at me, delivering a combination of well timed kicks. I was down on the straw mat and lay there, my head throbbing. Instead of embarrassment, he received glory. It was then I realised that some things in life are meant to be. Only God has the ability to hand out punishment. I was foolish and childish to attempt revenge. ...read more.

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