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Review of a live piece of theatre - Blood Brothers

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GCSE Drama paper 1-unit 2 task 3 Review of a live piece of theatre Introduction: We went to see the "Blood Brothers" on the 23rd of May at the Phoenix Theatre. The plot of the story was that there were two twins separated at birth. One of the twins grows up in a middle class house hold. The other one in a working class house hold we see the different ways in which they grow up and the clothes that they wear are different. The play examines the issue of social in Britain. Structure: The plot was structured at the begging there was a death scene of the two twins the rest of the piece was a flash back the mother of the twins was on her own and she had seven children already and she had twins coming she didn't have enough money to feed the seven children and could not feed two more she worked with a rich woman who did not have any children the narrator was saying what was happening in each scene. ...read more.


The Atmosphere it created was like death it made you feel sad and interested on what was going to happen. The sounds that they made was a lot effective like when Sammy wanted him do the robbery and when they ran away the music then was very effective. The music was effective when there was sad thing going on like when the was depressed the music was put on at the right time. The narrator always dressed in black the black that the narrator dressed represented the death of the Johnston twins. The audience could see him but the characters on stage could not see him and he could moved all around the stage, also explained each scene when it finished. The narrator made the part more interacting and understanding by explaining what has happening. The conclusion: I think the play was very good because you could understand everything and the director made it funny at the beginning, but he made it sad at the end of the play. ...read more.


This coveys that the middle class women was happy with her life the working class women had problems that where important In are groups we created a prepared improvisation showing members of the working class house hold the peace started with two older children an arm wrestle and the mum trying to stop them this show that they don't care and the younger boy was saying come on lets go want and he was pulling her hand because he didn't Wait when his mum told him then when they went the bother boys put in a video they were watching it when there mum came back and they stated to panic and they broke the TV when they where trying to get it out one of the boys was saying lets watch TV and the small boy had hurt his leg and the other boys where hitting his leg and he was crying then the mum got angry with the oldest boy and the said he was going to lave but the mum did not care this showed that she had enough of them and he didn't leave. ...read more.

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