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Rob Reiners extremely moving film Stand By Me revolves around the tale of Gordie Lachance (Will Wheaton), an author who narrates this story looking back at his childhood days.

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Rob Reiner's extremely moving film 'Stand By Me' revolves around the tale of Gordie Lachance (Will Wheaton), an author who narrates this story looking back at his childhood days. It is a bittersweet tale based on the famous author, Steven King's novel 'The body'. The movie uses impressive visual and sound techniques to show how Gordie and his three close friends, Chris Chambers (River Phoenix), Vern Tesso (Jerry O' Connell) and Teddy Duchamp (Corey Feldman), have family problems. The story reveals these problems, their families and their friendship. ...read more.


Gordie is much more thoughtful, a result of his natural imagination and being neglected by his parents. But like Chris is very faithful (later saving Chris's life and defending him). On the other hand, Teddy is a 'bit crazy' due to his father is being a psychotic (a mental disorder in which you loose contact with reality) and Vern though kind hearted, has the disgrace of being pudgy, a coward and slow. The boys, innocent and inexperienced, dream about being famous. The journey turns out to be more than a mere challenge and nothing like the boys ever imagined. ...read more.


Stand by me is guaranteed to revive childhood memories and be classified under your all time favourite movies. Though it is set in the 1950s, it is a timeless film summarising the problems in a teenager's life. A very touching, fascinating, humorous yet intensely sad, movie that people must watch. It is very profound and unforgettable. Especially the quote that the adult Gordie says towards the end of the movie, 'Do we really ever have friends as good as the ones when we were twelve? I doubt it.' I recommend this movie for all ages give it 9.5 out of ten. ...read more.

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