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Rome and Juliet

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The Ending of the play is known at the beginning. How does shakes Shakespeare keep our interest in the play? PROLOGUE The prologue that introduces the play gives the audience a brief outline of the main story. The varieties of themes that are in the prologue are love, conflict, tragedy and astrology. The prologue indicates to the audience that the play is about "Two star crossed lovers" who come from rival families "Alike" that have similar status and power in society. The tragedy of their "Death marked love" only brings a halt to the "Ancient grudge" between them and replaces it with friendship. The astrological term "Star crossed" means their relationship is predestined to end in calamity by the stars. Astrological terms appear frequently in the play. Astrology in Shakespeare's period was a major belief and people strongly thought that the stars held their fate; compared to today's society most people regard it as amusement. The prologue is quite intriguing and captivates our interest in the play but the question that I will be concentrating centrally on is how after informing us about the play does he mange to keep our interest? CHARACTERS An important factor that keeps our interest in the play are the interesting characters. Mercutio is a very energetic character with a very vivid imagination. He constantly jumps from one mood to another he just cannot be neutral for a second. The scene where the Montagues are going to the party we see how Mercutio's thoughts can dramatically change along with his mood. ...read more.


Romeo becomes so unstable and despaired that he nearly kills him self "He draws his sword". This is when the priest stops Romeo and gives him words of encouragement and reassurance. Friar Lawrence tells him luck is on his side, "Tybalt would kill thee, but though slew'st Tybalt; there art though happy. The law that threaten'd death becomes thy friend and turns it to exile". Friar Lawrence is saying how luck is playing a role in maintaining their relationship; Tybalt, the master swordsman could have killed Romeo but Romeo was victorious and killed Tybalt, and the Prince could have put him on execution and let his life pay the price of his crime but chose to be merciful and only gave him a mild punishment. Friar Lawrence is certain that the relationship will work and despite the circumstances, he still has faith in their relationship. So we see how Romeo's life goes downhill after their marriage. Falling in love also has had an impact on Romeo's personality. When Romeo thought he was in love with Rosaline, Romeo secluded him self from his friends and spent hours by himself probably thinking about her. And because Rosaline, his so-called love, did not love him back "That feels no love in his" He was always in deep sorrow and a very glum character "Sad hours seem long" Romeo's own father became very worried by his behaviour and wished he knew what the cause of his sorrow was as much as he'd like to cure it "Whence his sorrows grow, we would willingly give cure as know" But after Romeo has fallen in love ith Juliet, one could say he ...read more.


But on the second version instead of the balcony scene there is a swimming pool scene were Romeo and Juliet were expressing there love. So now you can see that there is a big change from the first version to the second version of the film. I think the best version is the second film this is because it has more action and has bigger scenes. It also makes me more interested throughout the film. This is because now the second version is more popular then the first version and it is much more interesting to watch. Conclusion The question at the beginning of the essay was 'How does Shakespeare keep our interest in the play'? I have explained many ways which Shakespeare keeps our interest in the play. I think the main reason why Shakespeare keeps our interest in the play is by just the love, which Romeo and Juliet have for each other. It keeps our interest when Romeo and Juliet first fall in love you get interested because first of all they are from two different families and you know that something bad is going to happen. The other thing that happens with Romeo and Juliet is that when they wanted to kiss they used religious ways just to kiss and this made the scene quiet interesting. I think this play by shakesphere is so popular because the play is just like the present and it doesn't look like it has been written long time ago. So if I conclude this essay I would say that the Keeps our interest is by the love, which Romeo and Juliet have for each other. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mahmudul Hassan 10R P1 ...read more.

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