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Romeo and Juliet and Pride and Prejudice comparison of extracts.

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´╗┐In pride and prejudice extract 3, we see the struggle of what Mrs Bennet is going through when Elizabeth rejects Mr Collins when she says ??nobody can tell what I suffer?. Mrs Bennet daughters have always been a burden on her as she feels like it was her job to get them married. However, they should really be a burden on Mr Bennet as he is the man of the house. This is different to Romeo and Juliet as Lady Capulet is more like Mr Bennet; who let?s Lord Caplet take control as she realises that he knows what is best for Juliet. Lord Capulet and Mrs Bennet take the lead role in the house, and takes it their hands to get their daughters married. ...read more.


The word ??I??, shows again how she is exceedingly egotistical, as she only ever seems to think about is herself and how she is feeling and also almost feels sorry for herself and what she has to deal with from Elizabeth. Austen tries to show readers that Elizabeth was a character of self-belief and always did what she thought was right, not only for her family but for herself. This caused a lot of disagreements and arguments between Elizabeth and Mrs Bennet which is the reason they don?t share a valuing relationship. In Romeo and Juliet extract 3, this is the scene where Lady Capulet insists Juliet on marrying Paris and is speaking positive about marriage to Juliet and is persuading her to marry. ...read more.


However, in today?s context you cannot be a happy bride at Juliet?s age, and it is also illegal too which shows how much society has changed. The word ?? happily?? implies that Lady Capulet thinks that Juliet is exhilarated at the fact that she is getting married at such a young age, as girls in this era often did and thought it was the best thing for them. However, Lady Capulet knows that Juliet is uncertain but she wants a quiet life; which is the reason she?s persuading Juliet to marry, not for love, but for future love. However, Juliet is not at all pleased and this is something that Lady Capulet is unaware of. Shakespeare wanted to show readers that mothers in this era did not know what was best for their daughters, and also shows that Shakespeare couldn?t quite understand why marriage at 13 was acceptable in this era. ...read more.

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