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"Romeo and Juliet are victims of fate", How far do you agree with this statement?

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"Romeo and Juliet are victims of fate", How far do you agree with this statement? In Shakespeare there are two types of tragedy, there is the tragedy of fate and forces beyond Romeo and Juliet's control, and there is Greek tragedy, which is that there is a tragic flaw in a character. In Romeo and Juliet there is both, fate brings Romeo and Juliet together but they continue there love at their own free will. Romeo was deeply in love with Rosaline, a beautiful woman. To try and help Romeo, Benvolio takes him to a Capulet party. When Romeo is going to the party he speaks of fate and how he dreamt that there would be bad consequences from this night, "I fear it is too early, for my mind misgivesstf some consequence, yet hanging in the stars", however he still proceeded to the party, believing it will lead to "untimely death". ...read more.


The next day Friar Laurence agrees to marry Romeo and Juliet, he believes that the love of the two children will conquer the hate of the families. When Romeo fights Tybalt he kills him. Juliet is face with her love for Romeo and her devotion to her family. She chooses Romeo and when the nurse starts to attack him she get very annoyed and defends her love. She realises that Tybalt would have killed Romeo and says Romeos is worth a lot more to her than Tybalt. For killing Tybalt Romeo gets banished. He is devastated that he wont see Juliet. He wants to kill himself and he acts impulsively. Friar Laurence takes control and arranges for Romeo and Juliet to spend the night together. They take risks to get together and they make all the decisions, there is no element of fate. In a event beyond Romeo and Juliet's control, Lord Capulet decides that he wants Juliet to marry Paris. ...read more.


Romeo gets a messenger informing him that Juliet is dead. Romeo had been told to stay in Mantua, but his own determination and haste forced him to go to Juliet. He rushed into the decision and he should have waited for word off Friar Laurence. If he had waited he would have got the letter and the plan explained. He rushed to Juliet, at his own free will. When he got there he found Juliet lying "dead". He was devastated and with bad timing Romeo killed himself, it was his own fault and his choice. When Juliet woke up, she saw Romeo lying dead, and also killed herself. If the Friar had been minutes earlier, he could have stopped Romeo, this was beyond their control. Overall I think Romeo and Juliet are to blame, as they continued to see each other. However fate brought them together at the Capulet party. Romeo and Juliet were victims of fate, but its not all down to that. Their impulsiveness and haste caused them to go in too deep so that they can't get out. Ted Booty 10P1 ...read more.

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