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Romeo and Juliet - Baz Luhrmann. The central scene that I am looking at is Act 1: Scene 5 this in the film is ball scene. I will also use other scenes to show the way Romeo and Juliet react towards each other.

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´╗┐Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet is one of William Shakespeare?s most famous plays. This is probably because at the time that it was written it had themes of forbidden love a theme that was never touched upon before Shakespeare. The story is about two young people who are from feuding families who at one families masquerade ball fall in love at first sight, and even when one parent tells Juliet to marry someone else she refuses and would rather be disowned than marry some one else. To be able to be with Romeo she takes a poison that would make her appear dead. When Romeo hears of her ?death? he is so distraught and depressed that he kills himself at the side of her death bed. When she realises what he has done he takes Romeo?s blade and impales herself on and they lie together until they are found by her father. Due to their death the two families end the feud. The reason that the relationship between Romeo and Juliet is so important to the plot of the play is because their love was forbidden yet destined to be. ...read more.


Secondly, in the literal version when Romeo and Juliet are leading up to the kiss, they use lots of religious metaphors and similes to show how much they feel for each other, and how much they long to be with each other. My first example is that Romeo calls himself the pilgrim and the palmer and he calls Juliet a saint and an angel. This shows that he only feels as though he is a loyal follower/ servant to her, this is also something that Romeo does when he thinks he has found love and this is shown by the quote ?tis no less, I tell ye, for the bawdy hand of the dial is now upon the prick of the noon? this is said by Mercutio to show that once Romeo falls in love too easily and gives away his control. Also in the film there are numerous shots of Verona and the key point in most of these scenes is the titanic statue of St. Mary. I believe this to be a link to Juliet. I believe this because Juliet is described as beautiful, pure and sinless these are the same things that you would associate with St. ...read more.


Also you can see the difference between Juliet and her family by what they wear to the costume ball. I know this because Juliet wears a full length white dress with no eye catching detail but, Tybalt who we already know by Act 1: Scene 5 is quite hot headed and is willing to jump in head first without thinking of the consequences dresses as a devil this is the complete opposite to Juliet. Her mother dresses as Cleopatra the idea that Mrs. Capulet wears this costume shows that she is quite promiscuous this is also shown by the way that she intimately kisses Tybalt; her own nephew.. And mr. Capulet dresses as a roman emperor this shows he views himself as a very powerful man. However the style of the costume looks like Julius Caesar, who was a very power mad man and when he felt like he had been betrayed would do anything to get revenge this has an essence of dramatic irony because later on he threatens to disown Juliet because she does not want to marry Paris. Tybalt, Mrs. Capulet and Capulet were very glittery costumes that have colours that represent power (purple) that represent wealth (gold) and that represent danger (red). ...read more.

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