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Romeo and Juliet - Juliet's Dairy

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Juliet's Dairy- English Course Work William Dowton MONDAY.... Dear diary, This has been such a mad day! Yesterday was also a great time for me I met the love of my life, Romeo. But who would of thought it this time last night my mother and me were jus talking about marriage. Yet now I'm engaged, to be wed to my love, I feel so grown up. And responsible. I have to thank my nurse who made most of the arrangements and confirmed are marriage. If it wasn't for her running backwards and forwards giving message, I don't think this would of happen at all, but my dear old nurses she does like to tease me and wined me up on such occasions, I really do the suspense, but I do love the excitement and the of hearing the news from my love. ...read more.


The day started so well but ended in such a tragedy. For my nurse yet again held me in suspense. But soon I was to know about my love, my dear Romeo. Was the killer of my cousin, tybalt but he. I'm now full of mixed emotions, I don't hate Romeo but I'm jus so confused. He must have had his reasons, and I soon learnt why Romeo killed him, because my sly cousin took the life of Mercutio. Which I can understand now why, he would have done it. But I was still so upset but I love him so much. I feel so confused. What made it worse was my romey was 'banished' for good. How will we last now? I wonder if he will ever come back? ...read more.


My mother then came in, as soon as he left. She started talking about getting married to Paris. I responded very badly and my farther threaten to disown me. It was very upsetting but what ever happen I was not going to marry Paris. I then decided to ask of my dear old nurses opinion. Since she always new best. But she broke my heart when she told me she thought it be best it I went along with it and married Paris. For the first time in my life my nurse failed me. I only had one more option I had to ask to go to confection and secretly ask friar Laurence for his knowledge. He told me about a drug that would send me to sleep. When I get home I find out my parent and Paris have been talking, and have agreed to put the marriage too tomorrow. ...read more.

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