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Saving Private Ryan

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"SAVING PRIVATE RYAN" REVIEW What impression does Spielberg give of war in the opening 20 minutes of the film? Powerful, shocking and unforgettable! "Saving Private Ryan" is a war film like no other. It shows the true emotions that go through the minds of the soldiers while they are at war. Directed by Steven Spielberg; starring Tom Hanks and Matt Damon, the film breaks with traditional conventions of the war film genre in the way that it begins with the American flag waving in the wind. It then goes of into the images of an old man going into a cemetery and it is showing the pain and grief caused by the war and how deeply upsetting it is for an individual to remember the historical event. "Saving Private Ryan" is a war film about the war between the Germans and the allies. It is about the tragedy a family faces when the mother of 4 boys finds out that she had lost three of her four boys. The main question that this film generates is that is it aright to risk the lives of several soldiers for just one man which could already be dead? Tom Hanks plays Captain Miller who starts off leading a group of soldiers to land on Omaha beach. ...read more.


We then see a Germans point of view where he is shooting at the Landers. The camera angles that Spielberg uses shows that the Germans could have shot at anyone they wanted on sight. He also shows us that war isn't a good thing as there are too many deaths. He does this by showing us the Landers that were full of soldiers that didn't even step on the beach. The sound that Spielberg uses also shows us how frightening war is because the gunshots and bombs make you feel scared as they sound so realistic and make you feel as if they were going to hit you. There is then an underwater shot of soldiers dying. When this shot occurs, the sound goes much quieter. Spielberg takes this underwater shot to compare how war is to everyday life because we can see a soldier dying but we can hear the nice and calm sound of the water flowing. We are then shown Germans slaughtering men ruthlessly. Bombs are going off and men are blown in the air like flies. In the film there are many camera shots which focus on Captain Miller (Tom Hanks) and his reactions. For example when a bomb is blown up near him, he goes into shellshock. ...read more.


Then we are shown a low angle shot of all the dead bodies, which is then turned into an aerial shot in order to show the total debris. The scene ends with a close up of Private S. Ryan, the brother of Private James Ryan. In this tragic film, Spielberg set out to show his audience not only the victory of war but what it really feels like to be part of it and how the soldiers feel during it. He wanted to avoid making "Saving Private Ryan" like typical war films because they just showed you that one country was fighting against another and they had to come to a winner. He has made a movie which will be remembered by the people because his movie shows all the emotions a soldier is going through and how they feel. His movie will be remembered because it is original, real and moving. Spielberg's movie has succeeded in removing the false thoughts about war and has taught his audience to respect those who have fought in the war. film is memorable because Spielberg has changed the way people think about war and has shown that war is very scary and there are many consequences from it and if someone comes back from war they shouldn't just say well dome they should respect them because they sacrificed their life to help the whole country. ...read more.

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