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Select any two poems you have stdied and compare how the poems use language and structure to deliver and develop the message of their poems.

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Select any two poems you have stdied and compare how the poems use language and structure to deliver and develop the message of their poems. In both of the poems, 'At Castle Boterel' by Thomas Hardy and 'Piano' by D H Lawrence, the main idea is the thought of reminiscence for a lost loved one. The two poems show the tragic side of love, especially lost love. Also the two poets have used nostalgia, which means that you are happy but also sad about your reminiscence of a loved one for example. Hardy and Lawrence both use language styles and patterns to deliver and develop the message of their poems in the two poems I have chose to study in this coursework. They use a range of words to express the feelings of the poem. In At Castle Boterel, Hardy attempts to create an idealised and romantic language. ...read more.


I think that this is done to symbolise how a piano is a very tuneful instrument. The two poets have also used alliteration, onomatopoeia, similes, metaphors and repetition in their poems. They have done this to further deliver and develop the message of their poems. In the poems, Hardy and Lawrence use a lot of these methods because it shows an extended use of language types to further develop the thought of romance and fading memories in his poem. Hardy's poem, At Castle Boterel talks about the poets reminiscences of his walk with his girlfriend who is now dead. He talks about how they climbed the road not minding what they talked about because it was so perfect, and how the hill remembers his walk, 'was there ever a time of such quality in that hill's story?' This is saying how in all of the people walking up that hill, was there ever such a romantic and perfect story. ...read more.


Both poets have got 4 lines to a stanza, I think that this is done to show how the poems are organised like a story. Strong memories with no breaks in them to show how the memories are clear ones and the poets reminiscence of their loved ones. In 'Piano, the structure of the poem could enhance the feeling of childhood and his life up to now; it does this by starting off with him starting to remember his memories, then the second stanza he starts to remember more of his mother and then in the last stanza he remembers himself as a child, 'I weep like a child for the past'. The set out of the three stanzas is like the poets lifetime going in reverse as he remembers. In Hardy's poem 'At Castle Boterel', it is also set out with a set 5 lines to a stanza in every stanza. I think that Hardy has done this because his memory of every last detail of the walk and his girlfriend are as clear as they were the day he went on the walk. ...read more.

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