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Shakespeares Mabeth Act 2 Scene 2.

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The conventional view is that Shakespeare was a man from a small country town of Stratford, many people, however reject the conventional view and argue that Shakespeare was the Penn name of Edwards de vere, earl of oxford ad that the ear of oxford had to conceal his authorship for social and political reasons. Married to Anne Hathaway on November the 28th 1582. William was eighteen at the time and was 26.Willian Shakespeare wrote 37 plays during his time. He wrote various other short poems and 154 sonnets. His sonnets were registered my 20th 1609. On March 25th 1616 Shakespeare signed his own will, he died April 23rd on his 52nd birthday the same calendar day given to his birth thought it is actually estimate that he was born on the 23rd of April. His wife Anne died August 6th 1623. Shakespeare's last descendant Elizabeth Hall Nash died February 17th 1670. Why I chose this scene I chose this scene to direct as I think it is a very important scene in the Macbeth play. The play is set in traditional times around the Elizabethan period. This scene is the scene when Macbeth has just murdered King Duncan and is feeling repentance and remorse for the evil deed he has committed. This scene shows that start of Macbeth's torment where he is disturbed by the actions he has taken. ...read more.


After these few lines she will begin to pace up and down the court yard, to make the people watching at home feel anxiousness and to show Lady Macbeth anxiousness also, they are showing this as she is unsure to what has actually happened or what is about to happen. She will rub her arms vigorously as the night is so cold, she will cup her hands and breathe slowly into them, vapour from her warm breathe will come out between the gaps in the "cup" showing us also the coldness outside, this will give the viewers a good clear image on how cold it actually is. The murder will be on two screens in the cinema, shown on a different scene, but will be during act 2 scene, to see what is going on. She will wait for the murder to be committed and for her husband to return to her, as she waits anxiety is increased by a shriek of the owl perched on the gates on the courtyard, she is infirm as she doesn't know if the murder has gone right .She begins to think the murder has gone wrongs it is taking longer than she estimated it to be. She hears a cry from Macbeth off stage she tells us and admits she would of committed the murder if Duncan hadn't resembled her father. ...read more.


Lady Macbeth grabs the daggers and confidently and decides to smear the blood of King Duncan on the sleepy grooms herself. There is a hard harsh sudden knocking on the gates. Macbeth jumps ups and runs his still dry blooded stained hands through his hair and leans against the hard stone cold wall, looking at the hand that he killed the King with. He declares that all the oceans could now clean his hands he says that the blood would turn the oceans red. He slowly slithered down the wall and sits on the ground looking at his hand, although in a daydream. Lady Macbeth returns after smearing the blood of Duncan on the grooms, she also has the blood on her hands, though unlike him, she is not cowardly. She mocks him with a sarcastic remark, Lady Macbeth is acting like nothing has happened and tries to convince Macbeth with this. Lady Macbeth gets on her one knee in front of lady Macbeth she talks to him as if her were a child to go and get changed out of those clothes as there is a knocking at the gate, she tells him "A little water clears us of this deed" Macbeth give Lady Macbeth a sharp look straight into her eye for the first time during this scene and says quietly and timidly "To know my deed, t`were best not know myself" The scene end with him putting his head down and her touching his knee and the camera zooms in on the loan owl still soaring the starry sky. ...read more.

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