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Should schools require student uniforms?

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´╗┐Should schools require student uniforms? Clothing has become a way of self-expression, how a person dresses usually reflects on his or her personality. Look through different school hallways, one thing that is similar no matter what part of the country someone is in, all students dress the way that he or she feels that day or how he or she thinks. A school uniform has been the influential clothing for students in many schools. There are some people who find the benefits of having a uniform in school. However, while students are under the school regulation; indeed, they find many difficulties of wearing a uniform. ...read more.


Some adults believe that a school uniform is inexpensive and convenient for their children. They think that they can save more money because their kids will only wear nothing other than a uniform. A uniform can save time for their kids to get ready in the morning because they don?t need to worry about what to wear to school so it?s easier for parents and kids. However, they overlook the point that some families may have several children: consequently, they have to buy a set of a school uniform for each child. Moreover, children still need other clothes for other occasions when they?re not at school. ...read more.


Students contend that the uniforms will not stop the bullying issues in schools based on the uniform policy. They continuously dispute that no matter what students wear they will always find a way to pass judgment among each other. Conclusion, school uniforms can be a good idea because students would wear the same outfit to school instead of choosing what to wear or parents wouldn?t have to worry about buying their children clothes all the time, but in my opinion I think school uniforms shouldn?t be allowed because you would have to wear the same thing and most students wouldn?t like the idea because they would want to wear something that?s in style right now and that has style. ...read more.

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