What qualities should a student have to achieve academic success in secondary schools?

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What qualities should a student have to achieve academic success in secondary schools?

Academic success is something that all students yearn for. However, it is not easily obtained and it depends on many factors. Different students achieve academic success in different ways. Some are naturally smart, while others work diligently to obtain this end result. However, there are a few basic qualities that a student should have to obtain this highly sought after academic success. Firstly, it is resilience. Secondly, humility and last but not least, the drive and desire to achieve.

What is resilience? It is the ability to bounce back after failures and to continue trying. This is one of the greatest qualities a student should have to achieve academic success in secondary school. In secondary school, the syllabus is very different from what students are used to in primary education. There are a lot more subjects and a lot more undiscovered knowledge. Encountering failure is not unusual, be it a homework assignment or a major exam. Without resilience, students who encountered failure will continue to fail as they are unable to recover from that failure. Although secondary education consists of four years, resilience do apply to every aspect of secondary school life. There are still tests every now and then and failure is inevitable. However, one should treat that failure as a lesson learnt and carry on studying. This will enable him or her to score even better than before in the next test as the same mistake will not be made twice. As the saying goes, failure is the mother of success and to be able to persist till the end of secondary school without giving up is a remarkable yet important quality.

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The second quality would be humility. Humility prevents complacency and therefore prevents deterioration of academic results. Whenever a student scores well academically, it is indeed difficult to not feel pleased. If there student is not humble, he or she will eventually become complacent and not work as hard as he or she should have. This will result in the student not being able to fully achieve full potential. When a student is complacent, the drive to work hard will not be as strong as before. Even for the gifted students, complacency is not a positive sign. For this special group ...

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