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Show how these poets illustrate different aspects of love in their poems. How do the poets communicate thoughts and feelings by the words and the images they use?

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English And Literature GCSE Coursework, Pre - 20th Century Verse. By Matthew Hallgarth. 10G/10-set 1. Q. - Show how these poets illustrate different aspects of love in their poems. How do the poets communicate thoughts and feelings by the words and the images they use? The poems I have read are: Porphyria's Lover; by Robert Browning, The Lady Of Shalott; by Alfred Lord Tennyson, The Eve Of St. Agnes; by John Keats, A Trampwoman's Tragedy; by Thomas Hardy. A. - It is evident that in the four poems I have read, there are different aspects of love shown in each. In 'Porphyria's Lover', Browning puts across some rather dark kinds of love; obsessive, jealous and possessive love. I use the word dark, because in the poem, a clearly insane man kills his lover Porphyria, to secure all her love for himself, "And give herself to me forever". The man is besotted with Porphyria, but in an extremely selfish way. ...read more.


The trampwoman's boyfriend has his emotions played around with, to devastating effect. The trampwoman teases her boyfriend in the lines, "Whose is the child you are like to bear? - His?" , "God knows 'twas not! But, O despair! I nodded - still to tease." This love gone wrong contrasts sharply with that in 'The Eve Of St. Agnes'. The love in this poem, although being forbidden, is very romantic, and also reciprocal. Two young lovers successfully escape from the girl's castle, and elope together, to live happily ever after (or so we are led to believe), "And they are gone: ay, ages long ago These lovers fled away into the storm." The 'happy ever after' type of love in this poem almost make it seem like some sort of fairy tale. It is pleasant to see something a little less gloomy in these poems. The feeling of happiness in 'The E. Of St. A.' is shown by phrases such as, "Whose heart had brooded, all that wintry day, On love, and winged St. ...read more.


Alliteration is used by Tennyson in 'The L. Of S.' to emphasize Sir L.'s glory, when describing him, "his blazoned baldric slung". He also describes Sir L. using a simile, which gives us a bright picture of his armored helmet, "Burned like one burning flame together". Keats, in 'The E. Of St. A.', uses a metaphor, "Music's golden tongue", to describe how loud and far reaching the music is to the beadsman. You can tell he feels sad that he is out in the cold, and people nearby are dancing and having fun. Keats also uses alliteration in describing the food Porphyro gets for Madeline, making it sound tasty, "jellies soother than the creamy curd". In 'A T.'s T.', Hardy blends in some symbolism, which adds an extra sense of sadness to the end of the poem. It helps to describe the trampwoman's unhappiness and loneliness, after losing all of her friends, "The red moon low declined". Although all the poems are based around love, and most have this linked with death, they are all subtly different. Each highlights a different aspect of love, which affect people in different ways. ...read more.

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