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Shrek.how do the writers use presentational devices to show the ogre is good and the prince is evil

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In traditional, ogres are man-eating beasts. The prince usually rescues the Princess; they marry and live happily ever after: they marry and live happily ever after .How do the makers of 'Shrek' use presentational devices to reverse the tradition, to reveal the ogre as good and the prince as evil In the traditional fairy tale the format usually follows the format of the prince rescuing his love from her terrible predicament. She inevitably waits for him weak and helplessly. The 'goodies' are the height of beauty and the 'baddies' have hit every branch on the way down from the ugly tree. `Shrek" is unlike traditional fairy tales and is a complete reversal of traditional writing methods. Unlike traditional fairy tales, the creators of Shrek have used an Ogre (usually known as vicious man-eating monsters) to be the hero. This has been used to help create comedy and an interesting, if unconventional, story line. Along with a series of characters who appear to be playing each others roles and magical creatures behaving strangely, the film is like a fairy tale which is completely opposite of what the audience first expects. The tale is set in the town of Dulock situated in a land where the traditional format of fairytale is thrust upon its head, a place of complete role reversal where characters struggle with their fairy tale stereotypes, creating a tale that challenges the core concepts and traditions of the fairytale. ...read more.


The castle is dark and gloomy instead of traditionally the castle having a fell of warmth and grandeur. When he is torturing the gingerbread man the camera is looking down on the gingerbread man, he comes across as an evil strong and powerful prince. But soon it becomes apparent that Lord Farquad, the supposedly powerful stallion - like prince is actually incredibly small. This adds a huge element of comedy to his character hardly threatening to the main characters of the film. Although lord Farquad only has sub role in the film he creates the plot. Without him the story would take place. He creates the storyline from his own decicions.From when he sends the fairytale creatures to the swamp, when he chooses the princess Fiona for example. Lord Farquad comes across as very vain and insecure. For instance when he is choosing his princess lazily lounging in his boudoir eating grapes and admiring himself. He wants all the benefits of being Lord but cannot be bothered doing deeds to obtain them. So instead sets out to find someone else to do it for him, he is very hard hearted and stubborn. When the mirror tries to tell Lord Farquad about the issues with the princess he has chosen, Farquad threatens the mirror as in his eyes he has seen what he wants already. ...read more.


A great magical light is used letting us see that however unconventional the tale of 'shrek' is it is still a fairytale. Displaying how a fairytale is possible with out all of the traditional gender and character roles. The reversals of roles and changes of stereotypical roles are what make 'shrek so different to any traditional fairy tale, without losing the magic and core themes of a traditional fairy tale. The characters are humorous and each fulfils different roles to that in which they have previously. Eventually Shrek stops pretending to be something he is not and realises he does not have to be the traditional ogre but whoever he wants to be. The princess is revealed as a 'tough cookie' and the price is a laughable character that could never fill the boots of the traditional prince. Literally. The presentational devices used in this film seem to have an equal influence on the audience and affect humour, suspense, action scenes and the interaction of characters. Subconsciously different presentational devices affect how well the plot is comprehended by the viewer and have control over the likeability factor of the characters. The presentational devises effectively show how the prince is evil and the ogre is good. With such a strong plot and great presentational devices this is why 'Shrek' has been so successful with all ages. It offers the rebirth of fairytales and a totally fresh outlook on fairytales in a humorous and entertaining manner. ?? ?? ?? ?? Lydia Dale 11R ...read more.

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