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Soap, lip balm and window analysis

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Soap Investigation Introduction Soap consists of a positive and a negative side called polar ends. When the ends are met up with oil, non polar and hydrophobic it will not mix, so the molecules do not change state. Here is a diagram of the soap and water: Soap has micelles which point directly outwards and interact with the water when "bringing" it in. They are like packets collecting what is around it. The soap, not only kills the bacteria, but moisturises the hands with a balanced pH. Method Firstly, we would have to get the soap base which is fixed at two grams. We would have to add an independent variable which is the amount of Shea butter. There were amounts of 0 through to 3 grams going up in halves. This would narrow down our choices to make out what the conclusion would be. We would first have to measure the soap base and add it to a beaker with the amount of S. butter. We would have to use a Bunsen burner, gloves, a flat mat, a tripod and glasses to protect from any fires. We could then have a choice to add food colouring or scents. The beaker would then be left on blue fire for a few minutes until the two substances have mixed and reacted in some way. ...read more.


In our lessons we had the chance to make it. Oil molecules, non polar, in lip balm are very long. They are made of long chains of carbon, like this: C-C- C-C- C-C- C-C- C-C- C-C- C-C- C-C- C-C- C-C- C-C- C-C- C-C- C-C- There could be at least 20-60 carbons- the longer the chain of carbons the stickier the oil, this occurs because the forces between the molecules are stronger. For example if there are 5 people playing tug of war, they wouldn't be that strong, but If there are 60 people playing tug of war against each other they would be stronger because they are closer to one another! The other element is hydrogen. Method In our experiments, we had to measure out the 2gram soap base, then add the amount of the ingredient (walnut, olive, coconut oil or shea and cocoa butter) we the needed a beaker and fill it up with water. We then put the beaker on the white mat and the tripod and the Bunsen burner (with gloves and glasses) and a blue fire. Put the tube which has the soap base and the ingredient into the beaker to boil for a few minutes. We then put it out into a cup case and leave to dry. ...read more.


We would keep mixing until we thought all the substances have bonded. Additionally, we got a spray container which would make it more exciting, and poured the substance into it. We got our area of the window done with the paper we cut out which made it a fair test because we all had the same surface area. The downside is that all the areas were not the same amount of dirt or grease on the windows. At the end of all the experiments we had to choose one of the following options: (tick one) 1. Is the glass gleaming and streak free? 2. Is the glass clean but has some streaks? 3. Is the glass dirt free, but not grease free? 4. Is the glass dirty and greasy? Results Group No. Vinegar (ml) Soap (ml) Water (ml) Rating from 1-4 1 10 10 200 1 2 20 10 200 2 3 30 10 200 1 4 40 10 200 2 5 50 10 200 2 6 50 20 200 2 7 50 30 200 1 8 50 10 210 1 9 50 10 220 2 I think that my results are not reliable because there is no pattern- group one got the best rating and group 9 got the best rating too so I cant really deduce what the results could've been and how well they did. Graph Conlusion ...read more.

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