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Social Networking: A powerful tool

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´╗┐Coursework Assignment 1 Word Count: 974 Leticia Nazarian Candidate Number: Social Networking: A Powerful tool Have you noticed how our world is different and how it has completely changed to adapt itself? Over the last few years, a new world was introduced to our society: Social Networking. While some people see it as a dangerous weapon, which it can in the wrong hands, I see it as a helpful and very useful tool. What does social networking mean to you? If you think it?s only Facebook, then maybe it's time to expand your definition and idea, so you have an idea of how powerful Social Network can be. Our world has had to adapt itself so it was able to catch up with this rapid new social level. Many of them allow people to make changes on a personal as well as global level, but we need to use and make it right. Introducing technology. How did it all start? Ten years ago the Internet hadn?t had its big invasion, as it was still the beginning of this new world, there wasn?t much investment in it (usually social networks then failed). ...read more.


Your range of friends is unlimited! You can enter dating sites, you can travel with people from other parts of the world and still keep in contact through facebook, and the list goes on and on. Also, you can share more information with your own friends and keep them updated on what you are up to. Some may say it can be dangerous to share information and put up pictures on facebook and other Social Network sites, however, you can keep yourself from this danger by managing you security details and putting only what you want to show, letting yourself socialize in a private way. The most recent update in this world is within the mobile use. Since I have owned a phone, which allows me to search around Social Networks sites, I have definitely used it more and I can say that each day it?s easier to connect with people permitting me, and others, to expand our horizons! Furthermore, Social Network has had a huge impact on companies, schools, employment, musicians and individuals (workers and sellers) ...read more.


If people have an idea that can help the world or people in anyway, it becomes so much easier to spread the word, such as the 12year old girl?s speech in rio+10. Also, It Gets Better and Trevor?s Project are a major influence on both teenagers and Adults who suffer from bullying and depression. Social Network interacts hugely and in these times is a massive help, such as allowing these teenagers to talk to each other and try to help each other, saving lives. The impact on people is inspiring and impressive. In addition, you can take social actions, through volunteering, donating and more all over the world. Social network only helps but don?t forget you are the one to make it work. In conclusion, if we allow Social Network into our lives, we have a very powerful tool in our hands. While some may say it?s scary, I fight for it and I believe it has had a major help in our world and has helped in various ways. With this I can say that Social Network is used worldwide and immensely, meaning it has a very powerful effect on people and is powerfully used. ...read more.

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