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Speech - There are three types of cycling I want to speak about. They are urban, recreational and racing.

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LLM,L ][ Fellow students, We all have some type of hobby, don't we? This hobby may be a sport, youth group, after school activities, gaming, reading or simply going out with friends. Some of you may be surprised to hear I have an interest in cycling. "what's so good about it?"That is why I am up here speaking to you. So, sit back, relax and listen intently to my speech. Cycling is an activity most commonly performed on a bicycle, isn't it? Not necessarily. There is unicycling, tricycling, quadricycling and other similar human powered vehicles or HPVs, for the purpose of transport in recreational or racing form. ...read more.


There are three types of cycling I want to speak about. They are urban, recreational and racing. I will try to keep it short. The first is urban. Cyclists, pedestrians and motorists all have different demands on the roads, which may lead to conflicts. Some towns give priority to motorists and some give this priority to cyclists and pedestrians. Cycling is encouraged because it reduces our "carbon footpint." Also, cycling is cheaper than running a car. The next is recreational. All people of all ages use bicycles for fun or recreation. ...read more.


Well, the exercise gained from cycling is linked with good health and well-being. The World Health Organisation says cycling is a "highly sustainable activity." But, with benefits come injuries. Most are probably road-related. Less severe injuries are caused by things like incorrect bike or saddle size and doing too many miles when you haven't being training for very long. So, be careful! In conclusion, thanks for listening. I hope you will have taken some new information from my speech this morning. I will now show a short clip featuring a cycling legend, Lance Armstrong. If you take nothing else from my speech, make sure you listen to Lance Armstrong speaking towards the end of the video. These words sum up my speech. ...read more.

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