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Staging Act 3, Scene 4 of Macbeth.

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Staging Act3 , Scence 4 of Macbeth. I am staging Act 3 scene 4 of Macbeth, which was written by William Shakespeare. The characters for this scene are Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, The Lords, Ross, Lennox, the 2 murderers and the ghost of Banquo. On stage Macbeth will be wearing baggy green trousers, a white shirt containing patterns made of thin gold strips, a long waistcoat which reaches his knees which will also contain designs made of thin gold strips. I have put quite a lot of gold designs on his shirt and waistcoat because Macbeth has to stand out, as he is the King. ...read more.


Ross will be wearing red baggy trousers, a red shirt and a maroon over coat. Lennox will be wearing green baggy trousers, a white shirt and a green waistcoat. The 2 murderers will be wearing black trousers and a black jumper because they have just come back from murdering Banquo. The ghost of Banquo will be wearing the same clothes he was wearing when was murdered which was loose white trousers a white shirt and a red waistcoat. He will also have blood all over him from when he was murdered. I am going to use the stage called 'Proscenium Arch' because my stage is going to be split in to two parts. ...read more.


The two chandeliers will be lit up with candles, but I will also have one spotlight on Macbeth and one spotlight on the ghost of Banquo. I will have the spotlight on Macbeth because he is the main person in this scene and I will have a spot light on the ghost of Banquo because he is also an important person in this scene. I am happy with my directing. I think the best bit of my directing was organising the stage because the props I used made the stage look real. If I were to direct this scene again I would add some music because I think the right type of music would be good in this scene. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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