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Story of an outcast

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Story of an outcast There I was lying in the gutter, trying to find my last breathe of air, but it didn't really matter no more, as I was already dead inside. As I looked at my watch it was 17:17 and it was already dark. The parking lights from the apartment in front of me were glowing right on my dead body. I was Crowded by shadows of people helping me, who I've might of know or not but that isn't really necessary. As they were trying to help me I got my last glimpse of the city and the eye it self. The city that killed me, the city that ruined my life and the city which destroyed all my dreams and feelings of this earth. That's when I knew I didn't deserve to live and that's when I knew I was dead. I died as an outcast. Who am I? I am a dead person talking to you about my life. My name was David, David Partly to be precise I was 17 when I died and I was 17 months old when I lost both of parents, I was also 17 when I lost my brother. ...read more.


She got sentenced for 17 years as she was in possession of drugs, dealing drugs and also importing and exporting drugs, my brother and I didn't see her since she left the court room. As my brother and I didn't have any money or a house the government moved us to a council house which was a shitty 17 floor apartment with 2 bedrooms and one bathroom. My brother and I lived in the heart of London and we thought things couldn't get any worse but they did like usual. As I then turned 16 I dropped out of school as my grades were to low and I had to find a job and brother was already in uni. I worked at MCee D's for a week but I thought I deserved more money then I got. As the manager was treating me like a piece of shit, as if no one cared about me and he always gave me extra hours for no reason, his excuse was that I didn't work hard enough. So I didn't care, I left. So I was broke, walking up my apartment with confusion of what I'll do to earn some money, as I walked up to the 14th floor I see a guy same age as me, I knew him threw the apartment block as he was my neighbor. ...read more.


As I walking through all these crowds of people, I noticed that I was the only white person in this whole cellar, so I tried not to get attention I just put up my hood and kept on following Riley. Walking through the crowd I saw people sniffing, smoking, injecting and taking all types of drugs, I couldn't believe it at first but I just kept on moving, as every step I took I was more anxious to take these drugs but I kept myself away from them for 16 years so I thought I can keep away from them then. As Riley stopped walking I stopped walking then he turned around and said to me, "Look boy take this and start selling the shit", he gave me 7 little bags full of white powder and I was just looking at it for about a minute and I replied, " What is it" and he said, "fairy dust now sell it for 25 pounds each", I was too scared to reply no even though I wanted to so much but I replied, "ok". So I went around the party in fear not only cause I was the only white person in the whole cellar but also cause I was in possession of drugs ...read more.

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