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SWOT and PEST analysis for Mercedes-Benz

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Edison Ng y12 SWOT and PEST analysis for Mercedes-Benz Introduction Mercedes Benz, a member of the DaimlerChrysler Group, one of the biggest automobile manufacturers in the world. With three great brands, first-class products and highly qualified employees, the Mercedes Car Group plays an essential role in the success of DaimlerChrysler. It is the world market leader in the luxury segment. Mercedes-Benz stands for modern, innovative automobiles, for quality, safety and comfort .Mercedes-Benz enjoys an excellent reputation, particularly in the area of safety technology. Many pioneering technical innovations that are standard automotive features today were first seen in a Mercedes-Benz car. SWOY Analysis To begin with, I will look for the main strength that the company had. As we know, Mercedes-Benz has been a well known business for a very long time; therefore, the strengths would be a lot than I expected. The obvious strength is -High class, comfortable and safety Below are the examples of the specific strength that presently the company had. They include: * Well-established name * better rescue services and customers cares * least possible consumption of energy for the vehicles * skilled engineers and staff * High -tech machinery in the manufactory * Accessed Roadside assistance system for all the Mercedes vehicles . ...read more.


PEST analysis Political - the cars and trucks are powered by engines running on fossil fuels i.e. gasoline and diesels, emitting carbon gases that pollute the environment, the green house effect - the governments within the European Community have introduced various legislations to minimize the emission of such gases forcing the manufacturers to develop less polluting engines, Euro 4 - automobiles are also major causes of road accidents hence, government legislations have been introduced to improve safety to car drivers as well as the users of public transportation Economic The Mercedes-Benz has manufacturing plants in many countries including Germany, the United States, Brazil, South Africa and many more. Its factories employ ten of thousands of people to make cars and distribute them globally. The immense size of its operations and its global presence also means that it also contribute significant amount to the various government in taxes and duties. It also contributes a lot to the local economy through local out-sourcing of materials and parts. With such huge operations, a lot of money in various currencies, US Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, is involved and a lot of banks are partners of Mercedes-Benz, providing banking services including loans and foreign currencies support, earning these banks interest income and foreign exchange service fees and gains. ...read more.


The interior styling of a Mercedes is particularly impressive. Its richly padded seats and dashboard and its precision instrumentation give drivers a feeling of security and luxury. Mercedes-Benz places driver and passenger comfort high on its list of priorities. The Mercedes-Benz engine is almost as legendary as its styling. Mercedes was a pioneer of diesel technology, and its engines are stronger in horsepower and last longer than those in other types of cars. After a few years, the Mercedes reveals another advantage that confirms its outstanding reputation. In extreme conditions such as the Middle East or the American Northeast, many American cars become badly rusted and sound as if they are falling apart after just a couple of years. The construction of the Mercedes body and its rust protective finishes are so superior to other cars that a Mercedes-Benz will show no signs of rust and develop no rattling body parts or sagging doors even after ten years or more in such places. The Mercedes-Benz, even though it is undoubtedly expensive in terms of initial cost, is really an exceptional value due to the enduring quality of its styling, the reliability of its engine, and the durability of its body construction. These advantages are what make Mercedes-Benz the best car in the world. ...read more.

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