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The advantages and disadvantages of private education

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´╗┐The advantages and disadvantages of private education What might be considered as the advantages and disadvantages of a private school education depend on your perspective. Your personal educational values and background means you will weigh some factors more heavily than others before entering the debate. Firstly, the students at private schools will collaborate with like-minded people who want to be at school and who share the same high aspirations. This comes about because there is an entrance examination for private education and as a result the students are of similar academic ability, this means that sets are not necessary; therefore, the timetable can be much more flexible. This is a bonus when GCSE options are offered because the school can accommodate the students? varied GCSE options, for example, a choice of all three sciences are studied separately. This allows the child a vast choice for subjects because private schools can design their own curriculum to benefit the student as much as possible. However, the entrance examination can be seen as prejudiced against weaker students and it can be seen as elitist. ...read more.


Wealthier parents can financially support the school, this is positive for private schools, because they do not get any money from the government. On the other hand, wealth can cause arguments between the students because some students may be have bursary and they may feel intimidated by the wealthier students, ?keeping up with the Jones? is a famous saying and is commonly found in private education. It can be seen as snobbish to attend private schools, therefore people may lose friends through jealousy. More often than not, private schools have smaller class sizes, creating a more personalized education with a smaller student to teacher ratio. This means that students can create stronger relationship bonds. J.Berry says ?They are small enough to nurture the individual?. However, because private schools have a larger catchment area to state schools, there are not many students from the same school that live near each other, this can make it difficult to meet up with friends, and can put pressure on parents to drive their child to remote areas. ...read more.


Conversely, this can be a disadvantage, because the school prohibits accepting new ideas. Private education does not tend to focus on special needs students, because it can be seen as a ?factory? producing academic students. On the other hand, private education may encourage a specific talent a student may have, the school can match your natural skill to enhance your ability. Nothing is guaranteed in private education, it very much depends on the area in which you live. The extra-curricular activities on offer do attract many people. Private schools can offer many opportunities because they have the money and facilities to do so. J.Berry says ?If I chose the private school it will be because of the opportunities the private school can offer in terms of range of extracurricular activities, amount of sport, quality of coaching and level of competition.? Sending your child to a privately educated school is the parents? choice and because of that, there are many ?pushy? parents who expect too much of their children, this can be damaging to both the child and the parent. On the other hand, supportive parents are a necessity if the child is going to succeed. Confidence and self-respect are by-products of private education; this is gained by a strong discipline. ...read more.

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