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The Adventures of the Warrior Maximus.

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Ryan Weiss 12/25/02 Creative Writing TB-8 The Adventures of the Warrior Maximus "Die, you evil thing, die," exclaimed Maximus as he swung his agile sword at the mutated spider. The spider quickly jumped back, and leaped into the trees. Maximus looked up, searching for the camouflaged spider. Suddenly, a white web engulfed the great warrior, rendering him helpless. The spider fell from the trees and slowly approached its weary prey. Maximus did not panic, and took out his pocket-blade, and released himself from the sticky prison. He swiped his sword up on the ground near him, severed three of the spider's legs. The spider screeched in anguish, and stumbled away. But the spider was to slow and Maximus came up behind the helpless creature, and thrusted his sword through the spider's head. The creature instantly collapsed, and Maximus grunted in victory. Unfortunately, Maximus was inflicted with poison from the web. He wearily began his journey home. As darkness engulfed the weary warrior, a soothing singing sound came from deep in the woods. The heavenly noise instantly put our brave warrior into a deep sleep where he tossed and turned with troubled dreams. "No, how can this be," exclaimed Maximus as he dropped to his knees in sadness. The Great Northern Dragons had destroyed his kingdom, leaving no survivors. Maximus crawled to his deserted palace and cried out, "What have we done to deserve this!" Suddenly, a low growl could be heard in the distance. Maximus swiftly drew his mighty sword and spun around. But there was nothing there. The warrior cautiously approached the horrible noise to witness a sleeping dragon! Maximus instantly knew that this dragon was the leader of his clan from his enormous size and valuable jewelry that decorated him. As the warrior went to kill the dragon, he heard the sound of cries inside the dragon. "Help us, help us," echoed the cries of men, women, and children. ...read more.


It was not long before a lonely deer came walking by, grazing on some shrubbery. Maximus quietly lifted his bow and armed it with an arrow. He was about to fire when a demon jumped out of the tree next to Maximus onto the unsuspecting deer. The deer died instantly after the demon broke its neck. Maximus, surprised by this attack, fell backwards and out of the tree. The demon was quick to realize that there was someone else nearby. It left its prey and quietly approached the moaning Maximus. If you have ever met a demon, you would know that Maximus was in deep trouble. Not only are they immortal, they are evil as well. The only thing keeping Maximus alive was the demon's cautious personality. It had never seen a human before, studied it as though it was a poisonous snake prepared to attack. Maximus opened his eyes to see this horrific face staring down at him. "What the heck are you doing," asked Maximus as he quickly crawled backwards. The demon just starred at him, curious at what it thought to be a strange looking creature. Maximus was aware of the dangers involved while being around a demon. He took his bow and arrow and aimed it at the demon's head. The demon continued its persistent stare. Maximus released the arrow and it hit the demon right in-between the eyes. The demon continued to stare, not even noticing the arrow in its head. Maximus slapped himself in the head, "What am I thinking, demons are immortal, you idiot!" Once again, Maximus was forced to run away. The demon had now finally figured out that this creature could not harm it, and it began to stalk it. Maximus noticed the demons change in behavior began to run faster. The demon was about to go in for the kill, when a branch from a tree swiped down and struck the demon, knocking it backwards at least fifty yards. ...read more.


Nothing hit the dragon and it continued to approach the men. Suddenly Maximus remembered that he had one arrow left in his case, not a magical arrow, but one of his arrows. He took it and aimed at the huge dragon. As he let the arrow go, he said a prayer. The arrow soared through the air with every man and dragon staring at it, for it would determine the victors of the battle. The arrow didn't need to be magical, for it struck the dragon perfectly in the heart, killing it instantly. Upon seeing this, the dragons tried to flee. But the men killed every last dragon on the mountain before it could escape. The men gave out a victory cry, as the last dragon fell to the ground. "Let us celebrate after we have rescued the hostages," claimed the Colonel. Maximus sat back into his rocking chair, recalling the memories of his adventurous. "Yes, I searched the entire mountain for my wife and child, but never found them. I did manage to find the kind man's wife who had saved me from the forest. He was overwhelmed with joy when he saw her and gave me some housing and job as a blacksmith, which was one of best hobbies. I worked there peacefully till I could no longer manage the job, and never took another wife. I'm just glad that I was able to make such a difference in someone's life," exclaimed Maximus as a tear ran down his face. "Yet I will never forget the family I so dearly miss, and I shall see them sometime soon." After Maximus finished his story, he died with a smile on his face, as though he had never experienced the horrors he had during his life. "Go my friend, seek the family that you miss, and live in happiness," sadly whispered the kind benefactor who's wife was saved by Maximus. And Maximus left this world to meet his family, which he so rightly deserved to see. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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