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The attitudes towards love and marriage that are presented in the novel

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The attitudes towards love and marriage that are presented in the novel The novel Pride and Prejudice written by Jan Austen has many themes which influence us as readers. On of the main themes is love and marriage. Jane Austen has very strong views on both of these and they are shown through the novel. Austen shows us relationships which are bad and do not because of no love. But she also introduces us to one or two couples that work well because of love. But Austen also influences us by bringing her opinions to this novel as well. 'It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.' This is the first sentence of the novel. It is so strong and powerful and sets the reader up for the whole book. The sentence also says nothing about love so tells us that not every couple marries for love. It really tells the reader that it what will happen in most girls' life, they will marry. ...read more.


At this point in the novel we have had many questions about some of Darcy's actions. Although the very next day Elizabeth is given a letter which explains everything and she realises what he did was perhaps right. Later on in the book the characters if Darcy and Elizabeth tell of there love for the other. Darcy and Elizabeth's relationship was a love hate relationship. But when they do eventually marry it is for love. Austen shows us through the Darcy-Elizabeth relationship that the best way to be happy in a relationship is if the couple love each other. The relationship of Wickham and Lydia was really created by Austen's as it is the worst kind of marriage and the total opposite to Darcy and Elizabeth. The marriage of Wickham and Lydia is one which is frowned upon and is not based upon love. Lydia is a na�ve and very silly but also very rude 'I am sure my sisters must all envy me.' Both Wickham and Lydia are really not in love with each other so much so, that when we go further past there marriage there relationship fades away. ...read more.


The marriage of Mr and Mrs Bennet is shown to us as soon as the novel begins. This couple are shown by Austen to be the outcome of marriage for the wrong reasons. Through the characters of Mr and Mrs Bennet we are shown a couple who agree on literally nothing, both have different favourite children a really just do not get along. Mrs Bennet thinks that her husband mocks her 'You take pleasure in vexing me.' We see the Bennet couple and people who met when they were young and had lust for one another but not love. There relationship is really also shown through Wickham and Lydia who have the same relationship. Austen uses the characters through the whole novel to show the readers the issue of love with in that society. Characters such as Mr Collins and Charlotte Lucas show us a relationship based on security. Wickham and Lydia shows us a relationship of lust not love. Mr and Mrs Bennet show us the consequences of no love in a marriage. But Darcy and Elizabeth shows us that love in a relationship means total happiness. Also that relationship have to be worked at you do not just give up. ?? ?? ?? ?? Annabelle Storey English Essay Miss Cannon ...read more.

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