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"The Beginning of the End".

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"The Beginning of the End" My name is Guy Arc and this is the story of when the world ended. It's new years eve 3009 a.d. the anniversary of when the world as we knew it came to an end. Just gone midnight it is now 3010 a.d. but the remaining part of the human race now call it 10 a.i. The a.i. stands for 'After Invasion'. Earth has been at war for ten years now, some call it WW IV (world war four) ,others call it the war of the worlds. I call it hell. The Earth has became a mass wasteland of rubble, there are little trees, grass or plants of any kind. What replaces them now are endless patches of nothing. All that can been seen in the areas of this 'nothing' are bones, blood stains of fallen victims and parts of what used to be our civilation. Those who destroyed our planet are some what of a reptilian species who possess the same characteristics as humans; they walk on two legs, breath oxygen and feel the need to feed. But their appearance is also something to take note of. If i was to compare them to a former creature of our planet, I would choose an iguana. That is the world today, but i guess you want to know how it all started. ...read more.


"DAD GO!!!" I hysterically shouted at him. He soon got the idea and moved it. The speed we travelled was amazing. My dad knew exaclty knew where he was going as he used to be a scientist for the army, but when we got there... our nightmare began. The soldiers had no chance against them. Everything they tried was stopped by them. They avoided the lasers like they were moving in slow motion, Ripped through the artillary like a hot knife through butter. The scariest part of it all was the fact that they were actually learning how to use the weapons against for their own assault. One of them picked up a gun and fired it, taking down half a squadron. It got the idea of it straight away and the other monsters soon got the idea too. The fatality of these things was increasing with every seconds gone by. "DAD, TURN BACK QUICKLY!!" I screamed. Before we got a chance to turn around. We were hit. My mother died in the explosion of our car as it was hit, my father alive but fataly wounded, i was hit in the eye by shrapnel and it was bleeding bad i couldn't see out of it. My dad turned to me his face was a crimson mass he then said to me trembeling as he talked "run" "I'm not leaving you" I replied as my eye began to weep. ...read more.


As my vision regained its full potential, I could here a hypnotic noise on my left. Breathing.. it was something breathing. A survivor? Could it be? But to my horror, as I turned my head and looked at the "survivor", I really wished it was not one. A long cylinder, positioned on an angle, solid titanium, with air holes was scarily within touching range. It was one of them, one of those creatures. It was next to me.. alive.. maybe not so well.. but alive none the less. I realised what it was and started to scream.. and thats all I recall. When I awoke, I was sat up on a bed. I realised I was in a hospital . A nurse reasured me that I was okay and going to live and told me the doctors has stitched up my cuts and gave me a new eye. "It's only a proto-type but it should hold out for a few years as long as you don't take too many knocks to the head" He chuckled. "Where is everyone?" I questioned. "Relax, everything will be revealed" He replied. "There are many survivors just like you and you will meet then soon enough I promise" From that moment on I didn't know what to do. Should I believe him? I was left with a descision, run or fight. I chose to fight, not just for revenge on my parents death but to make a hope for the rest of the world........ ...read more.

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