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The Crucible - Acts 1, 2, 3, and 4.

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The Crucible Act 1 (page 12-16) Abby, Sarah H, Becky T & Brigid The most powerful character in this scene was Abigail, who was played by Abby. She used strong gestures and strong facial expressions to show that she was the most dominant character out of all the girls, and that she had the power to make the girls do what she wanted them to do. In this scene, Abigail is telling the girls not to say anything about what went on in the woods. She knows that there is a possibility that the girls may say something, so she tries her best to scare the girls into not saying anything. Abigail creates her intimidating presence by standing upright with a straight back and her head lifted upwards so that she is looking down her nose at the other girls. She never breaks eye contact with the person that she is talking to, showing her higher status and her power. Abby rarely raised her voice, and she spoke in a calm tone even when she was threatening the girls. I thought this worked well, but if I were to play the part of Abigail in this scene I would try to raise my voice when threatening the girls, to make more of an impact. Brigid played her role very well, as she was Mercy Lewis, and she showed her fear for Abigail very well, as she spoke in a small voice, showing that she didn't want to speak loudly in case any of the adults heard her. When Abby was talking to her, she used little hand movements to show that she was nervous. She tried not to make eye contact with Abigail and when she did make eye contact, she looked away quickly showing that she was intimidated by Abigail. Laura was playing the role of Betty. For the first part of the scene she lay perfectly still on the bed, which bought a sense of mystery to the scene. ...read more.


Her head was lifted upwards throughout the scene so that she showed her higher status above Elizabeth - her wife. When Proctor walked into the scene, Elizabeth was not present, and he looked around the room confidently, showing that he felt comfortable and at ease. However, when Elizabeth entered he stood up straighter than he was doing previously, and he seemed to be a bit on-edge, as if he was hiding something from Elizabeth. Amy showed her status well, as when she put the food down on the table for Proctor, she was standing above him, but she quickly sat down next to him and spoke to him at his level. This worked well because it showed the audience that Elizabeth didn't want to appear any higher that her husband. Ellie was sitting at the table with both her legs facing forwards, not pointing towards Amy, who was sitting next to her. This showed that she wasn't using any body language to suggest her feelings towards Elizabeth. However, Elizabeth was sitting on a chair next to the left of Proctor, and she had her legs crossed towards him, so that her body was turned towards him as well. This came across well, as it told us that she has strong feelings for her husband. Whilst the two were talking, there were some awkward silences. This was done on purpose, to suggest that they weren't getting along as easily as would be expected. This worked very well, because the silences made the audience feel slightly awkward as well. Ellie kept her voice at a low pitch throughout the scene, and she didn't raise her voice at all. This gave the impression that she was trying not to hurt Elizabeth any more by doing anything else to offend her. If I was to play the role of Proctor in this scene I would try to raise my voice a little bit more, for a bit of variation. ...read more.


Proctor was sitting down in a chair, and Maz came round the back of the chair and stood behind Proctor, with her hands on Proctor's shoulders, looking over Proctor, showing that he has a much higher status and is far more superior than Proctor. If I were to play Danforth in this scene I would continue to raise my voice, but I wouldn't speak like that continuously - I would lower the volume of my voice whilst I was asking Proctor questions, so that I didn't intimidate him too much and so that he wouldn't be too scared of me. Proctor stayed sitting down throughout the majority of the scene. When Danforth was behind, Becky looked nervous and she showed this in many ways. One way is that she had previously had her hands folded in her lap, but as soon as Danforth moved behind her she placed both hands on each knee and fiddled with her fingers, showing that she was nervous. Also, when Maz was behind Becky, she lowered her head slightly to talk to her, and Becky moved her head away from Maz, and tilted her head away from her showing that she didn't want to be in close contact with her. I think this worked really well because it was subtle but it showed really clearly how the two characters felt about each other. Becky spoke in a smaller voice than Danforth, but she made every word clear and she raised the pitch of her voice in various parts of the scene, which emphasised the points she was making. She sat with her back straight and her head lifted high, but she didn't stand up at all showing that she didn't think her status should be levelled with Danforth's. If I were to play the role of Proctor in this scene, I would have stood up a couple of times throughout the scene, but then sat back down again, this would show the audience that we weren't of the same status, but it would involve movement into the scene, and it would prevent the scene from being too static. ...read more.

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