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The dagger of the mind

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The dagger of the mind "An appreciation of how a written Shakespeare text has been realised or represented in a different medium." The principal of William Shakespear's writings was for dramatical and theatrical interpretation of his words on paper. Through time they have been altered and manipulated to suit the time-period they are projected in. For instance 18th century clothing worn in 18th century productions, Joe Macbeth, following Shakespear's play closeley but using the conventions of a gangster movie and From a Jack to a King, a 1992 rock musical adaptation of Macbeth. There is no right or wrong way to interpret Macbeth musically, through paintings, speech (radio) ...read more.


The part of the scene in question is that Macbeth, just before he goes to kill Duncan, hallucinates, thinking he is seeing a blood-stained dagger, as he moves to kill Duncan evil thoughts enter his mind. Some critics feel that Shakespeare had no other choice but to not let the audience see a dagger in front of Macbeth, watching him grasp for thin air. They think if he had the special effects technology at the disposal of modern day play-writes, he would have included it. Others think that he plainly wanted to show it was all in Macbeths' head. He was clearly going out of his mind, and this insanity did nothing but fuel the delirium. ...read more.


All of a sudden a glittering , somewhat transparent dagger appears infront of him, over a meal table. He lunges for it, grasping nothing but thin air. As he moves, the dagger moves further. We can plainly see it gliding, as if it were guiding him to Duncan' room- and his death. Jack Gold's 1980 BBC reworking keeps very much to the confines of the play. In Macbeth there are very little, if any stage directions, especially for the actors. Old however simply uses common sense theatrical knowledge to allow the chracters Polanski's adaptation clearly has a large budget, with which he can produce expansive scenery, real-life location sets, as well as authentic clothing and detailed backdrops. It allows him to cast many extras and lighting, sound and visual effects. Niall Mc Neil English language coursework- Macbeth, The dagger of the mind ...read more.

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