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The diary of a man condemned to death.

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The diary of a man condemned to death Knock, knock "Come in" The security guard walks into the Jail officer's office. He is a young man and is holding a few sheets of paper. The officer spins round in his chair to face the guard, he is a short, fat middle-aged man with a chubby face. The officer puts down his newspaper and says to the guard: "Yes?" "I was wondering if you could see this sir, I found it in John Johnson's cell" "Ah yes him, he was executed yesterday" The officers face turned into a worried frown. "Is it a weapon? I'm glad you reported it to me" "No, no sir, nothing of the sort, its infact a diary." The officer's face turned to puzzlement "A diary? He only stayed here a few days." "I know, I read through it, it's quite interesting, I thought you might like to read it." "O.k leave it on my desk, and don't disturb me unless it's important." "Bye sir." The guard leaves the office. The officer moves towards the bin in the corner of the office and is about to throw the papers in the bin, but hesitates "Oh, maybe just a bit" The officer sits in his chair, takes the cup of coffee from the desk and starts to read. 19th July Tuesday "John Johnson, we find you guilty of first degree murder and you are condemned to death by the electric chair, five days from now." ...read more.


I was woken by an officer with a trolley of books and paper: "Do you want something to read." I thought about this "O.k." I replied and took the flat-nibed marker and some paper and started to write this diary and then fell asleep. 21st July Thursday I woke with the same dream but this time as I got out of bed that weird cellmate of mine wasn't there. I asked a guard where he was. He told me he was executed early this morning. I've never known someone who has died a few days later. I suppose I should feel sorry for him but I cant really, I barely knew him. I asked the guard why the man was executed, he told me he was a drug baron, but I didn't believe him. I could tell because what I did was far worse and I just got in here. It suddenly struck me that I was going to be a dead man in a few days so I went back to sleep with more bad thoughts eating away at my mind. I was woken a few hors later by the clang of the slamming cell door. I opened my eyes and nearly jumped out of my skin. "You've got a new friend", said the guard as he shut the door. This new 'friend' of mine was an almost complete opposite to my old cellmate in physical appearance. ...read more.


Bill Murphy isn't the kind of guy you'd like to spend your last hours with. He made punching me a small habit as I was staring at the clock, but he soon got bored and I started to get annoyed at him. My head became a bowl of bad thoughts and memories like when my father was murdered when I was just a little boy. My sentence kept on repeating itself in my head and images of my smiling wife faded away. It is now the ten to one, I'll leave it under my bed, maybe someone will read it or throw it away. Either way, it has been my best friend over these past few days. The officer puts the sheets of paper down and remembers how he approached the cell with two guards, told the man, "Times up." He remembers the agony in the face of the man but he officer doesn't care, he does this at least ten times a week. He remembers the face of the wife behind the glass, as the man is strapped to the chair. But he does not feel pity for her. As the lever is pulled down and the man breathes his final breath and shakes violently from the volts frying the criminals insides he does not care because the man is still a criminal and the officer feels he deserves it. The officer walks over to the bin and drops the sheets of paper in it, hesitates and walks back to his desk. ...read more.

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