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The differences between 'Porphyria's lover' and 'Mariana'

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The differences between Porphyria's lover and Mariana Both of the poems have deep backgrounds to them, there are many different emotions to them, pain, anger and most of all love. Both use very similar language 'he cometh not' a part taken out of Mariana 'she put my arm about her waist' taken from Porphyria's lover. You can tell that they are both set in the nineteenth century, the words that they both use are not modern English but correct English. As you read Mariana the built up is very strong, you get the disturbing feeling about a woman waiting for someone day in and day out. You can feel her disappointment 'my life is dreary he cometh not', 'I am aweary, aweary I would that I were dead' this shows us how much she feels for this person. ...read more.


Porphyria's love on the other hand is a man waiting for his lover. The beginning is very cold and not very friendly 'the rain set early in tonight' and 'where 'the sullen wind was soon awake' there is also a mention about the lake - 'the vex lake', so the angry lake is stirring he is also feeling the pain of the like. But his loved one comes she gives a warm feeling 'made the cheerless grate blaze up, and all the cottage warm'. A flirtatious feeling is given by the fact that he shoulder is uncovered and her damp hair falls on her shoulder. She murmurs to him how much she feels for him but he knows that they could never be together because of their different backgrounds. ...read more.


There are a few similarities between these two poems such as both of the women have been named but the two men have not been, they both have the emotion of pain and love. And to follow these feelings the weather gives added effect. There are some differences in the poems as well, in Porphyria's lover, the lover arrives but in Mariana, we are not told that the lover arrives. Happy and proud: at last I know Porphyria worshipped me, surprise made my heart swell. This makes the atmosphere very loving and passionate so there are a lot of mixed feelings. At the beginning at the poem is very cold gloomy, no happiness or love, then when Porphyria arrives there is a sudden burst of surprise and happiness. ...read more.

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