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The Dullness of Big Brother

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´╗┐Big Brother- giving a whole new dimension to the phrase ?watching paint dry? Ok, I?ll admit it, at first I loved Big Brother. It was an interesting concept to begin with, named after the character in George Orwells 1984, staying true to the ?Big Brother is watching you? Theme. The idea was intriguing. Lock 12 clashing characters into a confined space and cut them off from the rest of society. Force them into Performing bizarre tasks designed to cause arguments and I?m intrigued. But 25- yes 25 series? later (including ?celebrity? series?) ? a catalogue of D list celebrities who predictably go on as if they are national treasures- spanning over 10 years and hasn?t the series become slightly repetitive to say the least? ...read more.


Billy Connely once said, ?People are sitting in a house, watching people sit in a house.? And that is exactly what it is. I mean why not just look out the window? It would be a lot more interesting seeing the next door neighbour walk his dog, and you might save a bit of electricity too. I cringe when Channel four have to try and manufacture fights, to spice the show up a bit, inventing situations that create high levels of tension then feeding them limitless amounts of alcohol. oh anything to see a bit of action, albeit horrendously superficial. ...read more.


Wherever you go, you can?t escape Big Brother, and I blame The Sun newspaper. It continues to baffle me how the goings on in a fake house can take prominence of real life issues. Furthermore Big Brother has leaked its poison into mainstream tv, creating an explosion of mindless, reality tv. This drudgery has given a whole new meaning to the word entertainment. I mean who wants to watch talent less nobodies, who can?t act, be as wooden as a garden bench whilst pretending to be in ?real life? situations. But that is the beauty of reality TV. The question is, how long can Big brother keep regurgitating the same old superficial drivel and continue to keep people coming back for more? I don?t know, but if you ask me Big Brother has long outstayed its welcome. ...read more.

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