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The First Steps to Planning Your Wedding

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The First Steps to Planning Your Wedding Congratulations! Your boyfriend just asked you to marry him and you said "yes!" What's next, where do you start? Once you tell your family and close friends, there are three important steps you should take to get you off to a great start on planning your wedding. You must decide your budget, your theme and type of wedding you want, and hire your vendors. Good luck, girl, I know you can do it! The first thing you need to decide is what your budget for the wedding will be. Are you and your fianc� paying or are your parents contributing? How many guests do you plan on inviting? Caterers often charge on a 'per guest' basis, so you can adjust your guest list accordingly. ...read more.


The type of wedding you have will coincide with your budget. As for your wedding theme, you can go with the traditional setting or get creative and be original with a beach wedding, celebrate your cultures, or symbolize how you met your fianc�. The possibilities are endless! Most bride and grooms have a color scheme that goes along with their theme. These colors will be highlighted throughout the wedding, usually on the tables, the wedding party's attire, and the flowers. Depending on your budget, you can either have a fancy catered meal or save some cash and have your family each bring a dish to compliment the theme for the meal. You can look online or in the bridal magazines for many creative ideas for your wedding. ...read more.


Often, people save money by knowing someone who is a photographer or a caterer, and the vendor will contribute their services to you and your fianc� as a wedding gift. Don't be hesitant to spread the word! Your wedding will be one of the most memorable days of your life. Although there are many intricate details that make up this beautiful day, if you follow these three imperative steps to planning your wedding, everything else will fall into place. Remember to plan your budget, decide on a theme, and effectively hire your vendors. You can't plan a successful wedding without these steps. Most of all, have a wonderful day and absorb the happiness surrounding you. The joy of seeing your hard work paying off and more greatly the marriage of you and your soul mate. Again, congratulations and best wishes! ...read more.

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