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The House in the Valley

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Dan Dowling 10N Coursework - Original Writing The House in the Valley The front door was rotten and had fallen off its hinges; the living room was a dark gloomy room, a few dim lights in the corner. In the middle of the room there was an old table, with one leg broken and a pile of magazines holding up the table leg. There was a sofa, coated in dirt, it was meant to be a cream colour, but it looked more like a brown one. The TV had a big crack from one corner of the screen to the other; it had a thick layer of dust all over it. The corners of the ceiling were dirty and coated in cobwebs. The stairs had half rotted away. Every two or three steps there was a big hole. The dining room was full of old smelly rubbish; there were a few bags of mouldy food in the dining room. The kitchen had been invaded by rats. There were holes in the fridge, the cupboards, the floor and even the door going out to the garden. In the garden there was even more rubbish. There was an old bookcase and a few books on it, all of which were no use to anyone, as they were covered in bird mess and the legs looked as if they would break as soon as any weight was applied to them. ...read more.


His dad was a multi-millionaire. When he died he left all of his belongings and bank accounts to Nathan. Nathan didn't really like his dad that much, so he sold every memory of him, the house, everything, he transferred the money over to his bank account. One week passed, Jack had moved out of the flat and shifted all of his gear to the house in the valley, and his family were due in Manchester airport in two weeks. He knew that he would have to do the place up before his family could live in it; parts of it were a health hazard to all. This was due to the last tenant leaving the house in a complete mess. It looked like it had been used as a crack house, Nathan was a bit of a maniac, as he knew, but surely not this bad! Jack decided to phone Nathan. Jack picked up his phone and called him, he complained about the state of the house and that it basically was not good enough. Nathan said that he had been renting the place out to a friend, Jack took down this mans name and number. Tim Edwards, 07984567345. He phoned up Tim and agreed to meet him at the house in the valley and he decided he was going ...read more.


A tap was in the corner and a bag of dog biscuit in the other, he knew that he may spend the rest of his days in here, but his family were due here in two weeks, if he could live in here for 2 weeks he may escape from this, his leg was bleeding badly, a trail of blood was across the room, it wasn't his blood though, he turned around and he thought he was in a terrible nightmare, but he wasn't. There were several other dead bodies, all which appeared to have had their limbs torn off, although they had probably been cut off with a very sharp knife. He walked over to the corpses. Underneath them was a chain saw and a bottle of fuel for it. Nathan and Tim were serial murderers, possibly running a chainsaw massacre or something. Tim & Nathan got on a plane and emigrated to avoid getting caught, should anyone find the bodies in the cellar. Jack died after a week. He died from lack of water, his body de-hydrated, the tap in the cellar had been turned off and the food was poison, not dog food, but in a dog food bag and with the scent of dog food. Jack's family arrived in Scotland, found out he had died, and took the body back to Australia to be buried. ...read more.

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