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The Hunt

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The Hunt The hunt for the magical box had begun. Grandfather had left the map for Jack, and he was very grateful. He left his house at once and went to the magic phone box. There, he was teleported to Mario Land and was met by the great Mario himself. He explained that he was hunting for the magical box when Mario shouted " The magical box, you can't have that, it belongs to the King now." So, of Jack went carrying his map, a rucksack on his back and a bottle of water in his left hand. He ran along the newly paved path, and had a conversation with a passing rabbit: "Excuse me" Jack said. "How do I get to the palace?" he asked. "Well, you go along this path until you get to a gate. Take a left turn, along the train track, and across the river. Go under the old cottage where the witch lives and up the mountain. You will be met by the palace guards" "Thank-you" Jack said and went running along. ...read more.


A passenger train came surging towards him. He flew quickly out of its way as it honked its horn. It sped straight past him at about 60mph and knocked over all the oversized ducks. When Jack got to the river, he felt hungry and after many attempts to catch a fish, he crossed the river using a topper from near by. He saw the old cottage and licked his lips as the house was made purely out of gingerbread men. He got to the doorstep and pressed the bell that happened to be mad out of a smartie. The old woman opened the door and beckoned him in. He walked under the low wooden ceiling and saw a bowl of warm soup with a fresh bread roll by the side. Jack new he was meant to go under the cottage, but he was rather hungry. The old person looked harmless but he was always aware of everybody. He then remembered that the passing rabbit said that the witch lived there so he finished his soup, ate his bread, and went. ...read more.


There were five boxes to choose from so one by one he searched them all. It was in the forth box so Jack grabbed it quick, before anyone could catch him, that was until the King was at the gate trying to stop Jack from getting out. King Bowser got a gun out of his pocket and tried to shoot Jack down. Jack ducked and dived before he could make a run for it. He went down the mountain and under the cottage, across the river and along the train track until boom. Was it a left or was it a right? He went right, and there was the gate. Standing as high as it did before, but without the noisy alarm. Jack put the key in the lock and turned it until the gate unlocked. He ran as fast as he could but tripped on a log. The rabbit was still there and apologized to Jack. The rabbit left it there to trip up the old witch because she tried to kill the rabbit. He got up and continued back to the magic telephone box and teleported himself back home. Grandfather was there to meet Jack and asked about his day. "Quite boring actually granddad". ...read more.

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