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The Major Characters in "Catch 22".

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Dj Carroll 3/4/12 Catch-22 by Joseph Heller is an interesting novel; the setting is a war in the mid-1900s. There are many characters in the story, but I would have to say that the main one is Yossarian. The book describes random events in each of the soldiers? lives, but these events don't seem to lead to much of a point, until the end of the novel. Then, out of nowhere, comes the meaning behind the book. Heller does a great job of ending the book. By having Yossarian run away the meaning of the book is set in stone. Each character in the novel seems to have a certain way in which they judge their power, importance, and worth. ...read more.


I hate to say this, Yossarian, but you're turning into a chronic complainer". The importance of life is gone; Ex-P.F.C. Wintergreen is more concerned about peddling his goods throughout the war then he is about the life of a friend. Another strange character in the story was Milo Minderbinder. The person originally brought in to run the mess hall, who later had his own business, M & M Enterprises, in which he traded things in order to gain stuff for himself. He collected stuff, like art and sculptures that would be really valuable after the war. The only problem with this is that it got to the point that he would trade things valuable to the other men in the army, like trucks and guns. ...read more.


In order for a person to leave the army because they are crazy, all they have to do is ask Doc Daneeka, but if a character asks the Doc, he won't send them home because they must not be crazy. Some of the characters like the Doc, will hold the rule book above the wishes of a friend who is in need of help. The order of importance in his life is not that of a true friend, but someone using the system to escape responsibility. Overall, the book was very odd. It gave a different perception of war and society--such as the pointlessness of war and how when it is looked at closely hurts both the enemy and the allies--and from a greater perspective, how we humans inflict catastrophe on ourselves. Catch-22 overall makes us stop and think about the faults of the society. ...read more.

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