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The meadow

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The meadow There was excellent July day, one of those days, which occur only then, when weather was established for a long time. The sky is clear from the earliest morning; morning dawn does not blaze by the fire: it spills by gentle bloom. Sun - not fiery, not incandesced, as during the hot drought, not dim- crimson, as before grow brown, but bright and peacefully floats under the narrowband long cloudlet, fresh will brighten and will be immersed and its violet fog. Upper, thin edge of the extended cloudlet will begin to sparkle by snakes; their luster is such to the luster of forged silver... But the playing rays here again gushed out, - and gaily it is stately, as if taking off, heavenly body rises more powerfully. Many round high clouds usually appear about noon, golden- grey, with the tender white edges. It is similar to islands, scattered along the infinitely spilled river, flowing around by their deeply transparent sleeves of flat dark blue, they barely move; further, to the horizon, they are shifted, they crowd, the dark blue between them to no longer see; but themselves they are so azure, as the sky: they everything right through proniknuty by light and by heat. Color of horizon, light, pale- violet, it does not change during entire day and it is around identical; nowhere it grows dark, thunderstorm does not thicken; perhaps somewhere will be lengthened from top to bottom the bluishstrips: that will be sown hardly noticeable rain. These clouds disappear toward the evening; the latter of them, blackish and not determined, as smoke, they lie down by pink clubs opposite the setting sun; on the spot, where it was rolled so quietly, as quietly it ascended the sky, ruby-colored siyan'e stands brief time above the darkened earth, I, quietly blinking, as the with great care carried candle, evening star will light itself on it. ...read more.


Sometimes, when flame burnt more weakly and circle of light it was reduced, horse head suddenly was advanced from the moved dark, bay, with the twisting hole, or entire white, attentively and dully it looked on us, quickly chewing long grass, I, again descending, immediately it hid itself. It was only audibly, as it continued to chew and it otfyrkivalas'. It is difficult to examine from the illuminated place, which is done in the darkness, and therefore near everything seemed by the drawn almost black curtain; but further to the horizon by long spots vaguely were seen hills and forests. Dark clean sky solemnly and immensely highly stood above us with entire its mysterious splendour. Breast sweet was troubled, inhaling that special, wearisome and fresh smelled - it smelled Russian summer night. Around it was heard almost no noise... Only rarely in the close river with the sudden sonorous ness will splash large fish and coastal reed weakly will noise, hardly pokoleblennyy by the run across wave... Some flames very quietly crackled Boys sat around them; here sat those two dogs, which so it was it was wanted me to eat. They still for long could not be reconciled with my presence and, sleepily squinting and mowing to the fire, rarely they growled with an unusual sense of self-respect; first they growled, and then slightly they squealed, as if sozhaleya about the impossibility to carry out its desire. All boys there were five: Fedya, Pavlusha, Ilyusha, Kostya and Vanya. To the first, to elder of all, To Fedya, you would give years fourteen. This was ordered boy, with the beautiful and the thin, by the little small features of face, by curly blond hair, by bright eyes and by constant poluveseloy, by the semiscattered smile. It belonged, on all signs, to the rich family and leave- that in the field not on the need, and so, for the amusement. ...read more.


Boys exchanged glances, they shuddered... - With us cross force! - whispered Ilya. - 3x you, crow! - shouted Pavel. - What tyuey vspolokhnulis'? Look- kA, potatoes welded. (All pushed up to kotel'chiku and began to eat the smoking potatoes; one Vanya did not stir.however) that you? - said Pavel. But it did not come out from under its bast mat. Kotel'chik soon entire was emptied. Dawn still nowhere rouged, but already it whitened in the east. Everything became evident, although it is vaguely evident, around. Pale gray sky brightened, it grew cold, it turned blue; stars that blinked by gleam, that they disappeared; the earth dampened, leaves became covered with moisture, living sounds somewhere began to be heard, voice, and liquid, early breeze already went to wander and to flutter above the earth. Body my answered it by light, by merry trembling. 4 quickly it arose and approached the boys. They all slept as killed around the glowing bonfire; one Pavel raised himself to half and fixedly looked to me. I nodded to it by head and went vosvoyasi along the begun to smokeriver. It did not have time 4 to go away two versts, as they already began to pour by circle me on the wide wet meadow, and from the front, on the turned green hills, from to scaffolding to to scaffolding, and from behind along the long dusty road, on those sparkling, to the stained with blood bushes, and along the river, shyly turned blue from under the thinning fog, - began to pour first ruby-colour, then red, the gold flows of young, hot light... Everything stirred, it awoke, it began to sing, it noised, it addressed. By everywhere radiant diamonds reddened the major drops of dew; to me towards, clean and clear, as if also washed by morning coolness, the sounds of bell were brought, and suddenly past me, driven on by familiar boys, rushed past the rested herd... ?? ?? ?? ?? English/Story Alex Trofimov Page 1 08/05/2007 ...read more.

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