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The Monkey's Paw. Sergeant Major Morris warns the White family of the dangerous consequences if you use the paw

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?The Monkey?s Paw? Critical Essay (Redraft) By Nayaab Malik A short story I recently enjoyed is ?The Monkey?s Paw? written by W.W. Jacobs. In the story the author describes how a magical paw can grant three wishes to three lucky people. However as well as being exciting, it also has atrocious consequences. The story is divided into three parts. Each part is set at the same place, even though the time and weather change. In the first part, the author introduces Sergeant Major Morris bringing the White family the monkey?s paw. The first part is set in the evening and the weather outside is incredibly windy and stormy. Sergeant Major Morris warns the White family of the dangerous consequences if you use the paw, and throws it into the fire. However the thought of having three wishes granted had blinded Mr White because he was too greedy. Hence he took the paw out the fire and made his first wish ?I wish for two hundred pounds.? The second part of the story is set the next morning and the weather out side is bright and sunny. The weather had completely changed from the night before. Not only had the weather changed between the two settings, but the mood of the family had also changed from scared and tensed to happy and joyful. ...read more.


I think at first Mrs White was slightly scared of the paw incase it might have been hurtful to her family. These quotes tell a lot about Mrs White?s personality. I also think that Mrs White would rather have a loving and caring family than have three granted. However if the paw brought her family back she would take the risk of using the paw. Another interesting character in ?The Monkey?s Paw? is Mr White, though Mr White?s personality is completely different from Mrs Whites. Mr White is greedy for money where as Mrs White is caring. We know this from the quotes. ?If you have had your three wishes, it?s no good to you now then Morris?? and ?Mr White with a cry stooped down and snatched it out.? These quotes suggest to the reader that money comes into Mr White?s head before family. In this he is telling the sergeant that it?s no use to him so he may as well give it to Mr White. We know from these quotes that at this point of the story all Mr White can see is money and three wishes, therefore he would do anything to get hold of the paw even put his hand in the fire. ...read more.


We see this in the two quotes, ??I have? he said quietly and his face whitened? and ?his tones were so grave that a hush fell upon the group.? From this the reader sees that Sergeant Major Morris doesn?t want to talk about his experiences with the paw and he doesn?t want too reveal anything as he hesitated a lot before telling anything. In the second quote the author used a metaphor to describe how scary and quiet the tone of the sergeant?s voice is. This shows that as the Sergeant told the family about the paw he also got scared as well as the family. In conclusion we can see that at the start all Mr White could see the money and when he had faced the consequences he knew what would have happened if he had wished his son alive. We see that he had become sensible and thought about the future and thought even if he did get his son back he might lose something else that is precious. I found this short story very enjoyable because the writer had used many techniques to make it full of tension and suspense. The message conveyed therefore is not to run ahead of you but listen to other people?s warning. ...read more.

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