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The Newcomer

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The Newcomer His weighty bag slung over his shoulder, Mohinder Suresh a slim, dark-haired boy trudged along the rough sidewalk on his way to St Andrew's, his new school. He walked slowly, enjoying the heat, enjoying the spongy feel of his new shoes, enjoying the outlandish unfamiliar sights along the route. He was filled with excitement, anticipation and curiosity he was nervous, too. This was, after all, the first day of school. At the bottom of the hill, exactly a mile from his new house, he turned the corner and saw the school in the distance. It wasn't really a very nice building. Single story, squat, yellowish stone. Nothing stood out except the tall flagpole that would ring like a clock chime when the rope slapped it on windy days. ...read more.


Mohammed had mercilessly tormented him all year until finally Mohinder had had enough and agreed to Mohammed's taunt to fight after school. The other boys circled him, Mohammed scared but defiant. Mohammed threw the first punch, but Mohinder blocked it but then the bully's left fist appeared from nowhere and struck Jim in the nose. There was blood. He went down on his knees and Mohammed jumped on him, thrashing away, Mohammed's thin arms powerless to protect him from the dazzling blows. He then stood and was about to deliver a brutal kick to Mohinder's ribs when a man's voice cut through the April air "Boys! That's enough." Coach George stepped forward, pulled Mohammed away and ordered him to the principal's office. ...read more.


She handed him the papers and he set off half looking at the map half looking at his timetable. He was heading toward a big boy much like Mohammed but this boy was different he had much fairer skin his hair was red and he was much bigger. Mohinder wasn't paying attention and before he knew it he had bumped into this big boy. Mohinder was quick to apologize but the boy had spilt some water all over himself and his already red face was getting redder. "D�j� vu all over again" thought Mohinder. The boy drew his arm back and all of a sudden Mohinder was down on his knees. Already a circle had formed around the two boys and the familiar chants of "Fight! Fight! Fight!" could be heard. The boy's fist drew back again Mohinder closed his eyes but the punch didn't come. ...read more.

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