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The night that changed my life

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Autobiographical Writing The night that changed my life I believe in love at first sight. You see, it happened to me. I went to my local pub as usual on a Tuesday night, quiz night, not that I ever entered mind you. The questions were always about history or sport and they aren't really my subjects. Now if the questions were on Eastenders I would have won the whole quiz, hands down. My local pub isn't really the place for young people. Its an old village pub, very quiet and old fashioned. It's decorated with wooden beams running across the ceiling and pictures of horses on the walls. Old men sit in the corners smoking pipes and playing dominoes. The music on the jukebox isn't from this decade, however, I enjoyed it and so did my friend Deb. ...read more.


I was so nervous as I thought about what I was going to order. Somehow two halves of larger didn't sound very glamorous. "Two Tia Marias please," I didn't look up. "That will be three pounds and seventy pence please Kelly," he replied. Except it wasn't him, it was Frank, the old bloke who owned the pub. I've never liked Tia maria anyway. It took another four Tuesdays before I built up the courage to ask him out. That's not to mention popping in every other night aswell, just in case he happened to be there. I thought about him constantly and I didn't even know his name. I couldn't eat properly. Every time I sat down with my food, his face would pop into my head and that was it, I just couldn't face eating. I even dreamt about him. ...read more.


I remember thinking to myself that we hadn't even been on a date yet and he was already demanding to know where I had been. I loved it. That was the first night we kissed. We were watching the movie 'Casper the Friendly Ghost ' and it was at the part where Casper turns into a real boy. There was a love song playing. My stomach was doing somersaults and I literally felt like I had lifted off the ground when our lips met. It was truly magical. I felt like all my dreams had come true at once. I knew at that moment in time that I had found such a special person and I never wanted to let him go. I never did let him go. Alex is my soul mate and I believe that on that first Tuesday night when our eyes locked, that was the work of God. We have two beautiful children together now. I feel so lucky. I'll always believe in love at first sight. ...read more.

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