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The Park

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THE PARK As the sun rose over the horizon the birds sang cutting into the sharp, cold air. The large bonee tree on the hill was silhouetted in the morning light as the sun began to rise. As it rose higher in the sky a hedgehog crawled back to it's leafy home, rustling as he went to sleep the new day out. At the far edge of the park the grounds keeper could be heard opening the large rusty gates with the sound of scraping metal. He shuffled up the path to his little shed scraping his feet along to floor as he went. The paper boy speaded throught the park on his bike to make sure he got to school on time. As he went by the old park bench a bundle of rags moved making him jump. only to find it produced a tramp who slept there that night he road off. The old tramp got slowly to his feet and trudged up the path and out of the gates that led to the shops. Several joggers ran through yelling abuse at the tramp as he knocked into them. ...read more.


The idea of adoption was still going through her mind, knowing that she might not be able to give her baby the love and support that it would need. As she sat there the grounds keeper walked up and down brushing up the leaves as he went and singing merrily to himself. Judy Evans reached into her bag and produced a baby catalogue, full of the expensive things that her baby would need but knew would struggle to afford. The catalogue fell to the ground as pain shot through her lower body and she collapsed on the floor. The ambulance came with sirens screaming. Two men got out of the cab, grabbed a stretcher from the back and ran with it over to where a small crowd had gathered. The old grounds keeper had called them 10 minuets earlier when he saw Judy Evans fall to the floor. As the paramedic assessed the situation his young trainee partner exchanged looks with Judy Evans who smiled before the contraptions started again. Screaming in agony as the contraptions became more painful and with less time in between each one. ...read more.


Children ran around playing kiss chase while a couple of old women frowned at the excited children. As the high school released its students the parents gathered their young children and moved on out of the park. The teenagers gathered together laughing among themselves. The boys kicked a ball around while the girls stood and watched them. Trying to show how grown off they were by smoking fags and swigging from a bottle of vodka. Later on the geeks walked through in a small tight huddle. Wanting to get out as fast as possible. The foot ball match stopped and the group of boys gathered round the geeks. When the park had finally cleared of most kids the people who had been at work started to walk through. Making arrangements to meet up later at the pub. Mr George Geoffrey Johnston went and sat down. He waited on the bench till nine o'clock them disappeared in to the wood where amber was waiting for him. He smiled at her and pulled out a wad of money from his back pocket. She took the money and he led her out of the wood. He smiled to him self as he opened his front door. He slipped a tablet into her drink and ran his fingers alone the cold shape edge of a knife. ...read more.

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