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The play Educating Rita, only has two characters, Frank and Rita, Rita wants to learn literacy, and Frank is her tutor.

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Educating Rita Essay The play Educating Rita, only has two characters, Frank and Rita, Rita wants to learn literacy, and Frank is her tutor. The play is set in the 1970's, when there was not a lot of unemployment, and there was plenty of money. Although Rita has everything she needs, she is dis-satisfied with her life, she wants something more. Rita feels that there is no meaning to life, and she wants to find one. The characters Rita and Frank are two totally different people, Rita is uneducated and common, whereas Frank is educated and well spoken. I found the play has no specific genre, I found it came under realist, with the issues it covers like divorce, I found it came under comedy, because it made you laugh in places, and I thought it also came under drama. Frank has a serious drinking habit; we are first introduced to this at the beginning of the play, when Frank, "pulls out a pile of books to reveal a bottle of whisky." ...read more.


"If your trying to induce some feeling of guilt in me" This shows that they may not get on too well, so Franks girlfriend is trying to make him feel guilty because he cant make it home for dinner, but she didn't succeed very well. This prepares us for his relationship with Rita by showing us that he may just not get on too well with women, so therefore he may not get on too well with Rita. Or it may mean that he is soon going to be single and available. When Rita comes into the play she has a problem opening Franks door. This could be symbolic because it shows that there is a problem between them, and there may be problems between them later on. When she finally manages to open the door she reacts as if Frank is stupid by not getting it fixed. "Ya wanna get that fixed!" this says to the audience that maybe Rita is a bit annoyed by the fact she couldn't open the door and get in, it may show she is a bit impatient aswell. ...read more.


Rita - "What am I?" Frank - "Pardon?" Rita - "What?" It also shows that they are from different cultures and Rita isn't used to Franks, and Frank isn't used to Ritas. So there may be a lot of confusion between them in the future. When Rita and Frank have finished confusing each other over Ritas name, Rita notices an erotic painting on the wall, "its very erotic isn't it?" This shows Rita sees it in a different view than Frank because he doesn't/didn't see it as erotic. This might symbolise the fact that they are from different lifestyles, or that they may not always see things in the same perspective. Overall I think the first three pages introduce the audience quite well to the main themes, it introduces Frank as an obvious alcoholic and Rita as an uneducated woman. It shows they both have different views and may find it difficult to see each other's at times. After reading the play, I found it was a good laugh, it made me understand a bit more about the two different cultures and inspired me to learn. Educating Rita Danielle Heath 10R ...read more.

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