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The poems I will be focusing on are When We Two Parted, How Do I Love Thee and Remember, these poems were all written in the Victorian era. I will be studying the language used in the poems and the meaning of them

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GCSE English Coursework Introduction The speakers in the poetry studied see marriage in very different ways and their attitudes frequently contrast with the popular attitudes toward relationships of the time period. The poems I will be focusing on are "When We Two Parted", "How Do I Love Thee" and "Remember", these poems were all written in the Victorian era. I will be studying the language used in the poems and the meaning of them; also I will be exploring the form and structure of each poem. Developmental Paragraph 2 In the Victorian era marriages were very different to marriages of the present day; women had to obey their husbands and were not allowed to cheat on them, women could not run away from their husbands because if they were caught they would be put in jail. Men in the Victorian era were a little freer; they were allowed to have sex with their wife whenever they chose by law. ...read more.


The fact that there is no difference in the tone between these two sections reinforces the idea that the poem is one long declaration of love. The Petrarch an rhyme scheme of ABBA ABBA CDCDCD could be said to add to the poems message because it gives it a formal structure, reflecting that Browning s love is strong in a traditional way. Elizabeth Browning uses a lot of complex words in the poem "How Do I Love Thee", many of the words are abstract for example "I love thee to the depth and breadth and height", and this is abstract because you cannot measure love. Elizabeth Barrett Browning was born in 1806 and died in 1861; she and Robert Browning ran off to Italy together. Elizabeth's best known book "Sonnets from the Portuguese", a sequence of 44 sonnets recording the growth of her love for Robert. "How Do I Love Thee" is from this collection. Developmental Paragraph 4 Christina Rossetti was an important poet in the Victorian era. ...read more.


Developmental Paragraph 5 "When We Two Parted" is a lyric poem. It is a tuneful poem which expresses in a way the thoughts and feelings of the poem. Byron describes one of his secret love affairs, which are now over. He paints a strong image of his lover in the poem for example "colder thy kiss" is what he describes a kiss with his lover, he also say that the kiss is not a warm kiss and it also means it is a goodbye kiss with respect. The structure of the poem is good because in the 3rd verse we hear him talking about what he hears other people say about his former lover. But in the 4th you hear him talking about what he feels for her now. Conclusion The poem "How Do I Love Thee" is appealing to me because it is the only poem which is all about love all the way and it also is the only with a ABBA ABBA CDCDCD rhyme. ...read more.

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