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The Pressure on Juliet

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The Pressure on Juliet In the play Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare pressure builds up Juliet. This is caused by a number of reasons. Because Juliet is the only surviving daughter , the only child of the Capulet�s , there there is a big expectancy on Juliet of the Capulets , because everybody expects her to make a marriage with a noble man . Lady Capulet introduces the idea of mariage to Juliet: " Tell me daughter Juliet, how stands your disposition to be married ?" Juliet is still a child . The idea of marriage is shocking to her ,and unexpected.She responds " It is an honour that I dream not of ". We can tell that she is upset by this , and it is a pressure on her. However at the Capulets Ball , when she is supposed to meet Paris and think of marrying him, , she meets and falls in love with Romeo , the only son if her family�s enemy. ...read more.


The same day her parents put more pressure on her daughter because they tell her that she is going to marry Paris , a rich kinsman of the Prince, on Thursday. Also the treatment of her father she thinks is not appropriate to a girl of the age of 13 years. She is a loyal daughter who wouldn�t want to hurt her parents feelings by telling them the truth about her. A good quotation from the book which describes her fathers treatment and rude use of language :" I will drag thee on a hurdle thither out, you green-sickness-carion!out, you baggage ! you tallow-face! " This her father says after Juliet tell her parents that she doesn�t want to marry Paris . If you look at the position of Juliet now you see why Juliet is looking for help desperately. Her father threw her out of the house .She is depressed so much pressure is put on her ,she is thrown out of the house,she is married in secret to Romeo , even more pressure gets put on her because her cousin Tybalt is killed by her husband Romeo. ...read more.


to find a way out of there.When the Friar Lawrence found a solution Juliet is desperate to get is , Juliet:"Give me,give me ! O tell not me of fear. The plan which she worked out , was working very well until Romeo gets the message that Juliet is dead , but doesn�t get the message from the Friar about his secret plan .He is so upset that he buys poison liquid to kill himself in the Grave of the Capulet. Virtually as Romeo drinks the poison , Juliet wakes up out of her sleep .At this point of the play they both knew that it is the end for their relationship , and out ofo such a strong love she kisses his lips and they both die in peace.Also she kills herself aswell out pure hassle and because she is so down she doesn�t know what to do because the pressure on her is so big at that point , that she takes the easiest way and kills herself. ...read more.

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