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The Purpose of the Learning Aid

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The Purpose of the Learning Aid I decided which learning aid to make for Henry by assessing his development and needs, so that I could find out where he needs help. I have tried to create a learning aid that will benefit all aspects of Henry's development, but in particular his intellectual development. I decided on this because after discussions with both Henry and his parents, I have found out that he is very keen to learn to read and write. Henry has already begun to recognise letter shapes and sounds and I have decided that the best learning aid for me to make, would be one that builds on Henry's current knowledge. The learning aid will benefit Henry's fine motor development, as he will be able to practice holding a pen in the correct position to write. He will also be able to practice his co-ordination, through manipulating the small cards and playing the different games such as snap and pairs, and also through writing on the cards. The learning aid has been designed in particular, to develop Henry's intellectual development; it will do this in a number of ways. The game will teach him new words and ideas, for example, the difference between being tired and lazy, and the difference between a cat and a kitten. ...read more.


Henry sometimes has trouble concentrating on one thing, so by giving him a game that a) he is interested in, b) is diverse and can be used in many different ways, c) helps him to use his imagination and d) is long enough that he doesn't complete it too quickly but is not so long that he gets bored, I hope to improve his concentration skills. I also designed the learning aid so that it would help Henry to show his emotions and deal with them in a healthy way, as this will be an important skill later in life. I made this particular design for the learning aid for a number of reasons. I made this game as it would help Henry's development and it was suitable for a chid of his age (I found this out by looking at games currently on the market). I also thought that Henry would enjoy this type of game. The material and resource costs were within my budget and the design was simple and manageable within the time scale I had allowed. I used bright colours and designs to capture Henry's attention and imagination and I used hardwearing materials that were easy to clean. I chose to produce the cards on the computer, as I knew that I had good IT skills, access to suitable software and it would look professional. ...read more.


This means that the learning aid did not teach Henry some skills as fast as I thought it would. However I think these criteria were not met because they were a little unrealistic. I think that if left for longer, Henry would meet these criteria after a few more attempts. Henry's parents said that the learning aid was a success. Jean said that she thought Henry had learnt a lot from the game, she said he had found it more fun than many other similar teaching games, which he quickly loses interest in. She said " I think that he enjoyed it because he thought he was just paying around, he finds other similar games boring because the focus is on results rather than fun." She also said that it would have been better if there had been more focus on writing as well as reading. Taking all of this in to account I have thought of a few improvements I could make to my learning aid. In order to extended the game further I could add more pictures and more of the longer words. This would help Henry's intellectual development, as he would be learning longer words. I also think that there could be more emphasis on writing the words. I would also make the cards larger as they were easy to lose and larger cards would be easier for Henry to hold. ...read more.

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