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The Red Head

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Matthew Trotter The Red Head "Hurry up before Sykes sees us!" I shouted as I watched my friends nervously clamber into our school through the window that we had broken. The window displayed a heavy arsenal of sharp glass teeth, which would have easily cut through our costumes. It was October 31st, Halloween, we were bored of carrying out the tedious task of knocking on doors and asking for candy. We decided that we would go in search of more fun after all Halloween comes but once a year, so we decided to break into our school and spend the night there, as we had all heard rumours that it was haunted. When I say we I actually mean I had decided and Beth, Ruth and Tom had agreed to come along so that they wouldn't be known as chickens. They all eventually got through the broken window and came to join me in our schools main hall. School seemed so much different at night no noisy pupils, no footsteps, no teachers shouting and no lockers shutting just an empty building with a thin layer of dust settling to form a carpet that covered everything. ...read more.


Suddenly a different sound was made. This time it wasn't followed by giggles, as it wasn't a funny sound. It was the sound of a child laughing. "Who was that?" asked Ruth "You mean what was that?" replied Tom " I'm off back!" exclaimed Beth "Okay but your by yourself," I said the other 2 shook their heads in agreement. " Yeah I ain't going no where bad things always happen when groups split up," suggested Tom. Just then I remembered the shadow. The shadow that I had seen in the hall. The shadow of a child. My heart rate picked up and the adrenaline began to pump around my body. I knew we were not alone. I sprinted up the remaining stairs listening as the others followed. We reached the swing doors that connected the staircase to the corridor and I carefully pushed them open. At the end of the corridor was a window, which allowed moonlight to creep through the glass. It shone through like a sparkling diamond on a gold ring. I stepped froward and looked around. To my horror Tom, Beth and Ruth weren't there. The swing doors were shut tight behind me and I was alone. ...read more.


It was a body. My body. I walked over to it and looked down at it. My hair was no longer brown but bright red. Right before my eyes my corpse began to morph. My features began to disappear first my eyes and then my nose followed by my mouth. I jumped back in shock and turned to see the other version of me clambering through the window that we had entered through. I sprinted over and grabbed the window frame. The rain was pouring down like a shower of nails lashing against the window. At the back of the group was my clone he turned around as if he knew I was there. He looked me directly in the eyes and smiled before turning back around and walking away with the others. I looked closely at his head and as I looked harder I noticed that he had a small patch of ginger hair. I took a step back as I began to realise what had happened. Everything fell into place. I looked at my reflection in the window and saw that I was no longer me. I was the child that I had seen before. Writing began to form in the condensation on the window. As more lines were formed I was able to make out what it said. HAPPY HALLOWEEN. ...read more.

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